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Clever Ways to Maximize your Donations to Goodwill

Is decluttering your home at the top of your to-do list in the new year? If so, you may find yourself gathering up donations to drop-off at your local Goodwill.

While there’s no right or wrong way to prepare your items for Goodwill, there are some things you can do to make the donation process more streamlined. Take these simple steps to make the drop-off easier and ensure your donations deliver the most impact possible.

White box with clothing inside and 'donations' written on front

Donations box

Bag or box similar items together

Instead of packing all of the items you plan to donate into a single bag or box, separate them by category. We recommend separating soft items like clothing from other breakable items, like dishes. This will make the sorting process easier for the donation center attendants and prevent accidental damage.

White plates on a shelf

White dinner plates at Goodwill

Safely package fragile items

If you have any fragile items to donate such as dishes, porcelain figurines, jewelry, or mirrors, make sure you package them carefully to avoid breakage. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to cushion these types of donations and make sure you clearly label any boxes containing breakable items.

Secure the parts and pieces to board games, toys, and puzzles

When donating gently-used board games, toys, or puzzles, Make sure you include all the parts and pieces. Then, secure the boxes with a rubber band or tape to prevent losing small pieces in transport.

Keep pairs together

Try to keep items that belong together in the same donation container, such as shoes or matching suit jackets and suit pants. You can tie shoes together by the laces or use a rubber band to keep them from becoming separated.

Use reusable containers or bags

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we welcome your donations whether they come in a bag, box, or other type of container. We will recycle plastic bags and cardboard boxes, but you can also deliver your goods in reusable containers such as fabric bags, plastic bins, and even laundry baskets for a more sustainable way to donate.

Check our donation guidelines before you go!

Donating items that are in good condition is the best way to ensure they have the most value and impact. Before donating, give your items one last look to check that they are free from stains, rips, or other damage. While we accept most donations of clothing and household goods, we cannot accept some donated items for safety reasons. To help you save time and maximize the value of your donations to Ohio Valley Goodwill, we have put together a list of items we can and cannot accept.

Once you’ve gathered and organized the items you want to donate, the last step is taking them to your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill donation center! Once collected, your donations will be given a second life in our retail stores, where they will generate funds to support Ohio Valley Goodwill’s job training programs and employment services for individuals with disabilities and veterans living in our community.

Goodwill logo with tagline: we put people to work

Goodwill’s logo

When you donate to Goodwill, you can feel great knowing that you’re making a difference for people in need and the planet. By ditching the dumpster and donating to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you help us keep millions of pounds of reusable materials from clogging local landfills. We’re grateful for your donation support and appreciate your future donations! To find your nearest donation center or retail store, please view our list of locations.