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Cincinnati Kitting: Goodwill is a Name You Can Trust

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s B2B team the Cincinnati kitting experts. Our team has nearly a century of experience and time tested brand that stands for excellence, empathy and exceeding expectations. You don’t last as long as we have unless you know how to get a job done well, but Ohio Valley Goodwill also knows how to work GOOD. Every contract we fulfill for kitting in Cincinnati creates jobs for individuals with disabilities. When you partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill, your business will make a difference in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana, and our workers will make a difference for your business.

Every kit assembled by our kitting team is built by hand and meticulously inspected. This offers business owners peace of mind by ensuring lower lead times and isolating errors to single products rather than entire production lines. No computerized kitting company in Cincinnati can promise the proficiency, flexibility and results of Ohio Valley Goodwill. Isn’t it time you gave the B2B professionals in our Industrial Services Division a call to see how Ohio Valley Goodwill can make a difference for your business?