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Change Lives When You Donate Your Car to Goodwill!

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Ohio Valley Goodwill store

You’ve finally decided to upgrade your vehicle and buy a new or used vehicle”“congratulations! But now you have to decide what to do with your old car. Should you trade it in to a dealership when purchasing your next vehicle? Should you try to sell it yourself? How about a third option: donate your car to Ohio Valley Goodwill!

Donating your vehicle to Goodwill is a smart move that helps you save time and give back to your community. If you’re still holding onto a car you don’t need anymore, here are some fantastic reasons to donate it to Goodwill:

Avoid the hassle of selling privately

Selling your car privately can be a big hassle. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it can also cause extra stress. First, you need to list your vehicle in an online marketplace or place a classified ad. Then, you have to field calls and emails from strangers interested in your vehicle, which can be a problem if you like to keep your information private. You will also have to arrange meet-ups with prospective buyers, which could put your safety at risk. Finally, you have to negotiate with buyers, settle on a price, and complete a stack of paperwork before you can officially hand over the keys. At the end of the day, selling your car privately is quite a lengthy process! Luckily, you can avoid all these hassles by simply donating your unwanted car to Goodwill.

Save time

Your time is valuable. Rather than spending time trying to sell your car privately, donate it to Ohio Valley Goodwill instead! We make donating a car to charity seamless and straightforward. Through our partnership with Superior Automotive Group, Mike Albert Direct, we provide six convenient city-wide designated donation locations as well as additional drop sites so the donation process is as quick and easy as possible! We accept vehicles of all types, in any condition, so don’t worry if your car or truck won’t start. Just contact us to arrange for your vehicle to be towed for free, and we’ll take care of the rest!  

Change lives

That unwanted car taking up space in your garage or driveway can make all the difference to someone in need. After Ohio Valley Goodwill receives your donated car, we put it up for auction at our weekly Goodwill Auto Auction, which is open to the public. Then money raised from these auto auctions helps to fund Ohio Valley Goodwill’s job training and employment support services for individuals with disabilities. When you choose to donate your car to Goodwill, you can be sure that you’re maximizing your impact and changing lives in your local community!

Are you ready to retire your ride and get rid of that vehicle you don’t need anymore? Let Ohio Valley Goodwill take it off your hands! Learn more about our donation process and fill out a donation form to get in touch with us today.