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Celebrating Empowerment

December is Universal Human Rights Month and to Ohio Valley Goodwill that means empowerment of each individual to be part of society in every which way they deserve to be.

On December 10th, the United Nations celebrates the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. This historic document was crafted collaboratively by individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by the shared aim of establishing a fundamental set of principles for the fair treatment of all individuals. Over the decades, it has served as a blueprint for the development of numerous human rights laws worldwide. Human Rights Day, celebrated globally for more than seven decades, pays tribute to this milestone. Additionally, Universal Human Rights Month extends the observance throughout December, promoting awareness and respect for human rights throughout the entire month.

Addressing global challenges like poverty, inequality, and discrimination necessitates a shift towards a human rights-based economy, grounded in principles of fairness, inclusivity, and sustainability. This transition calls for a new social contract that equitably distributes power, resources, and opportunities, ensuring a better and more just future for all generations. Key components of this approach include safeguarding economic, social, and cultural rights, along with the right to development and a clean, sustainable environment. Protecting the rights of young people, rectifying vaccine inequality, and advancing environmental protection are crucial steps within this framework. Not only that, but promoting human rights and equality can prevent conflicts and enhance societal resilience by addressing root causes and fostering inclusive decision-making processes, making human rights an essential cornerstone of building a more resilient and equitable world.

For Ohio Valley Goodwill, this means jobs and housing to those who have greater difficulty in attaining it – creating a more equitable and just world. Celebrate with us as we make the world a better place together!