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Celebrate the 4th of July in Style with Help From Ohio Valley Goodwill

As the sparkling holiday season of 4th of July quickly approaches, Ohio Valley Goodwill is your headquarters for festive celebrations! Whether you are looking for a festive red, white, and blue outfit, indoor and outdoor decorations to get in the holiday spirit, or supplies to get crafty with family and friends, Ohio Valley Goodwill has it all.  

Stay in style with red, white, & blue

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we are fully prepared for the upcoming holiday with our selection of festive apparel for men, women, and kids! There is nothing better than decking yourself head-to-toe in red, white, and blue for the holiday, and you will have no problem finding patriotic clothing at Goodwill to show off at your 4th of July celebration. If you find that your wardrobe is lacking reds, whites, or blues, check out our great selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories to help complete your look.

Red white and blue outfits on mannequins from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Red white and blue outfits on mannequins from Ohio Valley Goodwill

If you want to get even more creative with your outfit choice, grab a pair of plain denim shorts, pants, or a skirt and pick up some red, white, and blue paint at your local craft store. Now it’s time to get painting! On one side, paint red and white stripes and on the other side, paint white stars on a square of blue paint or directly on the denim. Once your DIY bottoms are finished and you find the perfect top to match, everyone will be asking you for fashion tips!

Glass jars from Goodwill

Glass jars from Goodwill


Get inspired with 4th of July decor

Each year when Independence Day approaches, we all look for new, exciting ways to celebrate. While most people attend a fireworks show or watch a parade with friends and family, don’t forget to deck out your home in proper 4th of July fashion! Here at Goodwill, we offer various options to create the perfect patriotic display for your home. Look for jars, vases, or other types of glassware and cups, and then deck them out with red, white, and blue ribbon or bandanas. When your decorated jar is complete, it is the perfect place to display American flags, pinwheels, red, white, or blue flowers, candy, and other sparkling decorations!


White plates on a shelf

White plates from Goodwill

Festive food displays

Of course, one of the best parts of a 4th of July celebration is enjoying tasty summer treats. It’s easy to come up with a dessert that incorporates red, white, and blue foods like strawberries, blueberries, white cake, and whipped cream. You could even use food coloring to fit the patriotic theme! To show off your culinary creations, stop in your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill store to see our collection of serving platters, cake stands, and clear glass bowls of varying shapes and sizes. With the perfect presentation, everyone can enjoy both your creativity and your festive dessert!

Goodwill also offers mason jars and smaller glass jars that can be used to hold silverware for your holiday celebration! Whether you stuff them with red, white and blue napkins or bandanas, your guests will love the dedication to detail.

Goodwill Graphic with text: Happy Independence Day - Have a wonderful 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Make your 4th of July memorable with help from Ohio Valley Goodwill!

If you are looking to get festive while saving money this 4th of July, look no further than your local Ohio Valley Goodwill store. Here you will find a fashionable outfit, home decor, and ideas to get crafty this upcoming Independence Day.

At Goodwill, we love the 4th of July just as much as you and want to make your shopping trip simple! Through many generous donations, we have a selection of patriotic decor every year that helps people like you get into the holiday spirit in a fashionable”“and affordable”“way!

Don’t forget: if you find that you have items in your home that you no longer need anymore, drop them off at the nearest Goodwill donation center. Your donated items will be resold in our retail store at affordable prices, and the proceeds raised will help fund Goodwill’s life-changing programs and services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans.

By shopping and donating to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you are directly supporting our mission to change lives through the power of work and make both a positive and long-term difference within the community. Every dollar you spend at Ohio Valley Goodwill helps support our mission to provide employment and job training services ““ now that’s a very good thing! Thank you for being a job creator in your community!

Find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill store and check out our special offers for even more great ways to save on your next Goodwill shopping trip. Happy Independence Day from all of us at Ohio Valley Goodwill!