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Earth Day 2022: How to Celebrate Our Beautiful Planet!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much beauty surrounds us. Spring is a great reminder of the awe-inspiring elements we take for granted every day. Trees and grass turn a vibrant green, flowers bloom, and we start to hear the energetic chirping of birds once again.

This Earth Day (Friday, April 22), let’s focus on what we can do to preserve this beauty for future generations!

Create Less Waste

Green to Go Goodwill Graphic
Green to Go Goodwill Graphic

When you really think about ways to be less wasteful, you’ll find simple changes can make a big difference. For example, switch from paper cups and plastic water bottles and plates to reusable dishes, silverware, and water bottles. Or, find new uses for items you might otherwise throw away. Donating items to Goodwill is an easy way to keep them out of the landfill and give someone else a chance to put them to use. There’s no need to make new when we have items in our homes that can be reused!  

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, you can donate gently-used items ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, books, and children’s toys to household décor, small electronics, and more. You can even donate your car to Goodwill in Cincinnati, where it will be resold at our Auto Auction!

Uplift Those Around You

There’s nothing more beautiful than showing kindness to others. When you donate to Goodwill, not only are you making a sustainable choice, but you just might be changing the life of someone who lives near you.

Ohio Valley Goodwill uses your donation to provide job seekers opportunities to empower themselves and thrive through job skills training, career development, and community employment. Now that’s a very good thing!

Give Back this Earth Day

Are you ready to make a positive mark on our planet this Earth Day? Donating to Goodwill is simple. We have several convenient locations, so you don’t need to drive far to find your nearest Goodwill Donation Center in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. The donation process is easy, too! Just put your unwanted items in a box, load them in your car, and drop them off at your local Goodwill donation site.  

Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill
Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill

Your generous donations help fuel Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission, allowing us to provide life-changing programs and services for individuals with disabilities and veterans. So, as you drive away after donating to Goodwill, listen for the birds chirping away, and remember ““ your choice made a meaningful difference. Happy Earth Day from all of us at Ohio Valley Goodwill!