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Brenda Celebrates 20 Years of Service with Ohio Valley Goodwill!

Brenda Matthews is full of energy because of what she does ““ and she’s celebrating her 20th year at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries doing it!  This is Brenda’s story and why her dedication is so impactful:

Brenda Matthews

Brenda is a Work Adjustment Technician at the Goodwill Vocational Services Center and she was among the Center’s first employees when it opened in 2008, and is a well-respected member of the Fairfield Goodwill team. One of the many talented and dedicated Goodwill staff team members that provide services to individuals with disabilities served through the organization’s partnership with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the Center received the ” Agency Provider of the Year” award in recognition of its outstanding services in 2011.

Notably, on Jan. 14, 2014, Brenda used the Heimlich maneuver to save the life of an individual at the Goodwill Vocational Center. Brenda’s expert response was a reflection of her training as well as her own quick thinking in helping someone she supports. On the evening of February 24th, Brenda was honored for her heroic actions by the Fairfield City Council and Mayor Steve Miller. And, in fact, the Mayor presented Brenda with a proclamation from the city of Fairfield announcing that Tuesday, February 25th was officially ” Brenda Matthews Day” in the city of Fairfield. The individual who she saved on that January 14th is still being served by Brenda to this day.

Since she started with Ohio Valley Goodwill in 2002, Brenda has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of every individual receiving services.  Prior to joining the Goodwill family, she was employed in manufacturing ““ but was inspired to join because of the people who she’d be working with. She loves working with individuals with disabilities and seeing how they progress and achieve independence.  ” It brightens my day” ““ Brenda said.

Thank you Brenda for your 20 years of continued dedication and service as well as the lives you’ve impacted, changed, and even saved in that time.  We and the countless individuals you serve are forever grateful for your service.