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Your Book Donation Helps Cincinnati – #7SevenDaysOfSpringCleaning: Day Seven

The world is reborn each spring. New flowers poke their heads up from the ground. Animals, sometimes with new babies, emerge from their Winter homes. Even people can be reborn with fresh clothes and new attitudes, meticulously crafted over the cold months of winter. Spring is a time to debut the new you, and nothing says “I am an older and wiser than I once was” than a clean and fresh living space. Ohio Valley Goodwill is making Spring cleaning easy for residents of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky by offering up a whole week of tips on ditching Winter clutter. We call it “#7DaysOfSpringCleaning”. Every day Goodwill is offering up donation tips as fresh as the first flowers of Spring. When you drop off stuff at the one of the many locations for donations in Cincinnati, we take that stuff and turn it into jobs. You get good karma and the joy of a cleaner life. To see tips from the first 6 days of #7DaysOfSpringCleaning, check out the links at the bottom of this post.

Comp1Day 7: Downsize your Bookshelf

It is the last day of our #7DaysOfSpringCleaning campaign. It has been a fantastic journey of self discover, self-improvement, job creating and clutter reduction. Now, however it is time for a difficult truth: the life of a book can be hard. They are brought into the world to be read, imparting their knowledge onto the eager reader. But, far too often, good books are cursed to live out most of their lives gathering dust on a shelf. Books that get donated to Ohio Valley Goodwill have a far better time, they can change hands and be enjoyed over and over. Donate your book to Goodwill and give it a chance at a new life. It is the perfect donation for Spring, the season of rebirth. Donating may leave you reinvigorated as well. A less cluttered book shelf is just begging for new books. Make yourself a summer reading list full of tomes that will take you to the highest mountains and the deepest recesses of the soul. Books have the power to make us all better people, and donating a book is a great start down that path.

Take a picture of yourself with your donation and upload it to your favorite social network with the tag #7DaysOfSpringCleaning.