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Back to Basics: How to Update Your Wardrobe Basics for Less

What are the hardest-working pieces in your wardrobe? Your basics, of course! Basics are reliable wardrobe staples that you can wear all the time. They’re the foundation of every easy, breezy outfit because they never go out of fashion!

But, even our wardrobe basics need a refresh from time to time. Our t-shirts get tired, our jeans get worn out, and new colors come into style. With the upcoming spring season, now is a great time to stock up the basics! At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we have you covered with smart wardrobe staples at a fraction of traditional retail prices.

Here are some key basics to look for on your next Goodwill shopping trip:


T-shirts are probably the most versatile item of clothing you can have in your closet. Neutral black, white, gray, or even graphic t-shirts go with just about everything, from jeans to leggings to skirts. A well-fitted t-shirt can even look very professional when worn under a blazer with a statement necklace!

two short sleeve t-shirts; one is lime green and the other is black and white striped.

Colorful t-shirts from Goodwill

Grey and white t-shirts from Goodwill

Grey and white t-shirts from Goodwill

However, there may come a time when even your favorite t-shirts become loose, stained, ripped, or simply go out of style. Or, maybe you’re just ready to stock up on some vibrant colors for the spring season! Whatever your reason for needed new t-shirts, Ohio Valley Goodwill has a great selection at affordable prices, so you can easily replace worn-out tees every few months without going overbudget.


Lightweight jackets

Everyone needs at least one lightweight jacket to take them from winter to spring! You can never go wrong with a denim jacket, rain jacket or windbreaker, military-style jacket, or knee-length trench coat. If you want your jacket to match most of your outfits, choose a neutral color like black or tan. If you want to make a statement with your jacket, look for vibrant spring colors like emerald green, sunny yellow, bright orange, or a fun pattern like plaid or houndstooth.

Mannequin dressed in multicolored white and pink dress with blue denim jean jacket

Jean jacket from Goodwill

White jacket with pink scarf on a mannequin

Tan jacket from Goodwill


Button-down blouses

Button up shirt from Goodwill

Button up shirt from Goodwill

Button-down shirts are another must-have wardrobe staple. You can dress a buttoned shirt down with a pair of jeans or tuck it into a pencil skirt or dress pants for a polished look. For a casual weekend outfit, roll up the sleeves and tie the ends of the shirt into a knot at your waist. You could also try the popular ” French tuck,” where you tuck the front of the shirt and leave the sides and back untucked.

When you’re ready to upgrade your collection of button-down shirts, look no further than Ohio Valley Goodwill! You’ll find button-downs in just about any color and silhouette, whether you’re going for a casual or dressy look.  




Jeans on a rack at Goodwill store

Jeans from Goodwill

Denim will never go out of style, although the popular shapes, cuts, and washes for jeans tend to shift from time to time. Right now, stretchy skinny jeans are being swapped out for a looser, more relaxed fit “” a slouchy, high-waisted straight leg sometimes referred to as ” mom jeans.” In previous years, darker denim was all the rage, but now light wash and even acid wash jeans are popular. The good news is that most trends are circular “” meaning what was in style a few years ago (or longer) will come back into fashion again. This is a great reason to shop at Ohio Valley Goodwill, where you’ll find incredible deals on gently-used jeans in nearly every size, shape, fit, and style. You can even find ’90s-style jeans that perfectly match today’s fashion trends!

Shopping at Ohio Valley Goodwill is a smart, affordable, and sustainable choice when you’re ready to re-stock your wardrobe basics. But that’s not the only reason to go shopping at Goodwill!

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