Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Assembly Services in Cincinnati: Goodwill Does That!

Ohio Valley Goodwill is proud to provide top-notch assembly services in Cincinnati. Although Goodwill is not traditionally thought of as an assembly company, our services offer distinct advantages over other assembly companies in Cincinnati. All of our assembly services are performed by hand, utilizing a large-scale workforce of dedicated Cincinnatians. Our assembly teams are more flexible than machine assembly lines, and can react nimbly to changing business conditions. Plus, Ohio Valley Goodwill is a non-profit, meaning we have no incentive to overcharge our business partners.

Our bottom line differs from for-profit businesses. The number that matters most on our balance sheets is the sum of people we have helped. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission is to provide meaningful opportunities to individuals with disabilities in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. When you form a business partnership Goodwill, you share in the benefits of that mission. The workers who assemble your product will see their efforts as more than a job. The individuals we serve see their work as a chance to self-actualize, contribute their skills and participate fully in the Greater Cincinnati community. This results in a level of quality and performance that can’t be bought with mere money.

A partnership with Ohio Valley Goodwill is an opportunity for your firm to work for social justice while improving businesses outcomes. Contact one of our business development professionals today to discover how Ohio Valley Goodwill’s assembly services benefit businesses in Cincinnati and how we can help your company.