Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Assembly Services in Cincinnati that Build More Than Products

Ohio Valley Goodwill years of experience as a trusted assembly company, and our assembly services in Cincinnati are top notch. But, we strive to build more than products. We build the confidence and skills of individuals with disabilities by offering them the opportunity to find meaningful employment. When the men and women we serve are given responsibility and a chance to participate fully in life, they strive for perfection to an extent unheard of in a typical assembly company.

That is just the initial impact of our unique approach to assembly services, however. By building avenues for individuals with disabilities to make an impact on their local economies, we build more inclusive communities in Cincinnati. Through science, history and literature, we can see the benefits that diverse skills and experience bring to any process. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s assembly services give Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky businesses the opportunity to put that philosophical truth into practice by joining in our mission to make Greater Cincinnati a more just place to live and work.

If you are interested in hiring an assembly service with a mission and vision that goes beyond simply making money, consider working with Ohio Valley Goodwill. Our talented industrial services team will work with your business to design the assembly solution that meets your needs. Contact one of our B2B professionals today.