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5 Fun Activities for Rainy Spring Days

April showers bring the promise of May flowers. But rainy days can also put a damper on outdoor fun! How can you keep your family entertained when it’s pouring outside? We have an idea: head to your local Goodwill store!

Ohio Valley Goodwill is your destination for everything you need to pass the time and beat boredom on rainy spring days. Here are some items to pick up at Goodwill, so you always have fun activities to do the next time it rains:

#1: Break out the board games

Rainy days call for board games and puzzles, and Goodwill has plenty! Stop by your nearest Goodwill store to shop our selection of affordably-priced games and puzzles, or shop online at shopgoodwill.com. You can search by keyword to find family favorites or browse to discover new finds.

Books on a shelf

Books from Goodwill

#2: Replace screen time with book time

A rainy day is a perfect excuse to curl up with a hot beverage, blanket, and a good book. Your kids are sure to love the selection of children’s books at Goodwill, and you’re sure to love the prices! You can also pick up some books for yourself to ensure your shelves are stocked for the next rainy day. From classics to best-sellers, you can always find a wide variety of books to choose from at Goodwill!  






Toy shelf from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Toys from Goodwill

Shelf at Ohio Valley Goodwill with toddler toys and trucks

Toys from Goodwill!  

#3: Make an indoor treasure hunt

Keep your kids busy with a fun and educational scavenger hunt! Write clues that lead your kids to various places around the house. You can even turn the clues into math problems or ” brain games” to challenge your kids! Another idea is to have your children complete a simple chore at each stop, such as dusting or wiping down the counter. At the final stop, leave a ” treasure” box filled with small toys and trinkets from Goodwill as a reward.


#4: Release energy with an exercise video

Being stuck inside on rainy days can make anyone feel the effects of ” cabin fever,” especially children who have a lot of energy! When it’s not an option to play in the backyard or go to a park, it’s important to find another way to get moving. One idea is to put on an exercise video to help your family stay active and burn some energy while indoors. While you’re shopping at Goodwill, check out our DVD section for fitness classes ranging from aerobics to yoga to Pilates. There’s sure to be a lot of laughter when you exercise as a family, and ” retro” fitness videos from the ’80s or ’90s can add an extra level of fun!

Young girl in blue and yellow dress from Goodwill

Kids clothing from Goodwill!

#5: Put on a fashion show

Children love expressing themselves and trying out new outfits, so why not put on an at-home fashion show during the next rainy day? Visit your nearest Goodwill store and pick out a few stylish (or silly) pieces for everyone in the family, including accessories like sunglasses, hats, bags, and scarves. Then, roll out the ” red carpet” at home, put on some music, and have a fashion show! Be sure to take photos to capture all the fun memories.






Rain or shine, Goodwill is here for you!

Ohio Valley Goodwill is your one-stop-shop for clothing, accessories, books, toys, games, and other household goods. With our ever-changing selection of gently-used items at budget-friendly prices, Goodwill makes it easy to add a little sunshine to any rainy day!

When you shop at Goodwill this spring, you’re not the only one getting a good deal. Our innovative donation-resale model allows us to price our items at amazing prices while supporting sustainability efforts and reducing textile waste. Most importantly, every item purchased from Goodwill helps to fund job skills training and job placement programs for individuals with disabilities and veterans living right here in Greater Cincinnati. By shopping at Goodwill, you become a part of our mission to put people to work in their communities, and that’s a great feeling!

Graphic of clothes spelling: Jobs: This spring visit Goodwill to create opportunities in your community

Goodwill creates jobs!

This spring, shop at Goodwill to save money and create jobs! Find an Ohio Valley Goodwill store near you by visiting our locations page.