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7 Reasons to Hire a Veteran

Hiring the right candidate for a job is important. You need someone you can rely on to get the job done, and in this competitive job market, that’s becoming increasingly harder to do.

‘National Hire a Veteran Day’ is July 25. Have you ever sought out our nation’s veterans while hiring? There are many benefits to employing a veteran you might not have thought about!

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a veteran:

#1: Strong work ethic

Veterans often possess a strong work ethic, discipline, and a sense of dedication to their responsibilities. They are accustomed to working in high-pressure environments and are committed to completing tasks efficiently and effectively.

#2: Leadership skills

Military experience often cultivates strong leadership qualities in veterans. During their service, veterans have been trained in leadership, teamwork, and decision-making. Those skills translate well in any workplace!

#3: Adaptability and resilience

Many veterans have honed their adaptability skills by working in diverse and challenging environments. They are often able to adjust to changing circumstances, think on their feet, and find solutions to problems. With their resilience and ability to overcome obstacles, veterans can become valuable assets to any team.

#4: Teamwork and collaboration

The nature of military service requires individuals to work together to achieve their goals. Veterans understand the importance of teamwork and are often skilled at working in diverse teams with people from different backgrounds.

#5: Global perspective and cultural sensitivity

Veterans often have experience working with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds during their deployments or assignments. This exposure can foster cultural sensitivity, open-mindedness, and a global perspective, which can be valuable in a diverse workplace.

#6: Strong sense of integrity and professionalism

Veterans are typically known for their high level of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to their work. They understand the importance of following procedures and respecting authority.

#7: Problem-solving and decision-making

Our military members are trained to analyze complex situations, make critical decisions under pressure, and solve problems effectively. When their military service ends, they carry these skills with them, and they can be very helpful in fast-paced and dynamic work environments.

When considering hiring a veteran, it’s essential to focus on their qualifications and skills, just as you would with any other candidate. Keep in mind that each veteran’s experience will vary, so it’s crucial to consider how they’ll fit into the role and the organization as a whole.

Each year, Ohio Valley Goodwill helps local veterans gain skills training and find employment opportunities right here in the Cincinnati region. These services help our nation’s veterans become engaged and productive members of our society. When you hire a veteran, you’re doing the same! Learn more about our services, and connect with our team if you have questions about hiring veterans facing barriers to employment.