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Kids Cooped Up? Here are 6 Thrifty Ways to Entertain Them!

It’s been a long winter, and although we’re rounding the bend on spring, we still have plenty of cold days ahead. If your kids are bouncing off the walls, look no further than Ohio Valley Goodwill to fill the remaining cooped-up days of February!

Here are six thrifty ideas for fun-filled days indoors with your littles (and not-so-littles):

#1: Books & Movies: We’ll start with the most obvious. Goodwill’s Cincinnati thrift stores are full of great books and DVDs at affordable prices. Stock up on hours of entertainment, and donate them back to Goodwill when the new factor wears off. Pro tip: Look for books and movies for yourself, too!

#2: The Shopping Game: Make thrifting an event of its own! Create a scavenger hunt game and let the kids find unique pieces in the aisles of Goodwill. (Just make sure to keep an eye on them as they ” treasure hunt!”)

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For older kids, make a list of items needed for a craft and give them ten minutes to find the items on their lists. The first one to complete their list chooses a prize from the Goodwill shelves.

#3: Kitchen Creations: Plan a baking or snack-making event! Find unique cookie cutters, aprons, or serving platters at Goodwill thrift stores, then take the kiddos to the kitchen. Let them help bake cookies or cut out finger sandwiches, then arrange them on their beautiful new serving platter for a special snack time.

#4: Art Projects: Crafting is easy at Goodwill! Choose a thrifted picture frame or vase to paint or decoupage, and your kids will be entertained expressing their artsy side for at least an hour or two.

#5: Dress-up Box: Thrifted clothes, accessories, and even leftover Halloween costumes make a great dress-up box! Let your littles become a character of their own creation and perform a play using their new costumes with you as the audience.

#6: Sensory Boxes: Using a plastic container or large bowl, create a sensory box using items found at the thrift store. Fill the containers with rice or pasta, then thrift items that can be used to pour or dump the filler from one container to the next. Small plastic figurines, balls, and toys work great for this “” just beware of any choking hazards, of course.

Thrifted plastic measuring cups, spoons, and small pitchers are great tools for scooping and shoveling. But don’t stop there “” we’ve even seen sensory boxes made from old scarves! No matter what yours is made of, sensory boxes are great for fine motor skills and independent play.

Say Goodbye to Cabin Fever with Goodwill!

With these ideas, you’re well on your way to the sunny days of spring when you can encourage the kiddos to get outside. Until then, find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill Thrift Store, and let us help you beat the winter blahs!

Remember, your Goodwill shopping trip will also help individuals with disabilities, our nation’s veterans, and others access job skills training, job training, and recreational and educational services. It’s a nearly effortless way to help others in your community. We’re all in this together!