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Pursuing Peace of Mind: 5 Ways a Vocation Changes Lives

Can a JOB make you feel GOOD? The answer, believe it or not, is yes!

While having a job involves lots of hard work, the truth is that employment also makes positive waves in many aspects of one’s life. When you have a job, you might not even notice the ways in which it makes your life better. But for individuals with disabilities or others who face barriers to employment, the benefits of work are especially understood.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we know the power of work. Here are five ways a vocation changes lives:

#1: Financial Freedom

The most obvious benefit of a vocation is a paycheck. Of course, having a job means making money to pay for things like food, shelter, and utilities. Earning an income also brings freedom, independence, and a sense of accomplishment.

#2: Self-sufficiency

Relying on others to get by can make a person feel helpless and can drag down their self-esteem. Working, even if it’s a part-time job, is empowering. When an individual has a vocation, they feel they can take care of themselves without having to rely on others, and that breeds confidence in all aspects of life!

#3: Socialization

Whether it’s working with customers or talking with coworkers, there’s a social element to work. Many adults spend most of their time with their colleagues, and work is where they form lasting friendships. A shared vocation also brings together people from all different backgrounds who might not otherwise spend time together, which drives inclusion and provides opportunities to learn a new perspective on life.

#4: Connection to Community

Contributing to the success of a business or organization is a great way to connect to the people and places in one’s community. Through work, you’re expanding your network and creating a place for you and your ideas, becoming an integral member of your workplace and community. For individuals with disabilities, employment is a life-changing way to break down barriers and promote full community participation and inclusion.

#5: Increased Motivation

Sometimes, motivation actually comes after you start working! Once you start getting things done on the job, you’ll feel more motivated to continue the good work. Having a career generates motivation and a sense of positive productivity that can spread to other parts of life, too.

Goodwill believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the ways in which work changes lives. Each year, Ohio Valley Goodwill provides job training and other services to help hundreds of people find employment right here in the Cincinnati area. These services make it possible for individuals to figure out what jobs might be a good fit for them, gain the skills needed to get hired and maintain employment in the long term.

Learn more about Goodwill’s services, and how they might help you or someone you know achieve personal fulfillment and vocational success.