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5 Trendy Home Décor Aesthetics to Know About

Looking for design inspiration for your home? We have you covered! Whether you’re considering a new look for your entire home or just one room, there are many interior design styles to choose from. Today, let’s take a look at some of the top trending aesthetics “” and what to look for during your next trip to Goodwill!

Green and red vases from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Mid-Century Modern Decor from Goodwill

#1: Mid-Century Modern (MCM)

With a focus on the style of the 1950s and 1960s, the mid-century modern home decor aesthetic has made a big comeback in recent years. When it comes to decorating your home in the MCM style, you’ll want to look for clean, streamlined shapes and silhouettes, functionality, and muted colors like tan, taupe, gold, and bronze. The Mid-century modern design aesthetic looks great in any room, especially cozier spaces like the living room or office areas. Check out your local Ohio Valley Goodwill store for stylish MCM-inspired décor such as lamps, vintage books, circular mirrors, plant pots, and candle holders or frames that you can paint gold or bronze. Because the MCM style is so timeless, you’re bound to score some amazing finds during your next trip to Goodwill!

Vases and lamp from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Traditional decor from Goodwill

#2: Traditional/Classic

As its name suggests, the traditional or classic home design aesthetic never goes out of style. With this interior design approach, the goal is to arrange rooms with a sense of symmetry and order. Traditional design also uses rich colors and handcrafted elements to create warm, inviting spaces. To bring the traditional style into your home, one good place to start is the glassware section at Goodwill. Here you will find vases of all shapes and sizes that you can fill with faux flowers or greenery to create an elegant statement piece. Then, look for wall art to bring in a cohesive palette of warm colors like navy, red, or cream. Traditional decor style is so versatile that it’s nearly impossible to get it wrong. Best of all, Ohio Valley Goodwill receives hundreds of donations every day, so check back often for traditional décor pieces to fill your home!

Shelf with wicker baskets at Goodwill store

Baskets from Goodwill

Two baskets and lantern from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Baskets from Goodwill

#3: Cottage Core

Another new trending interior design aesthetic is ” cottage core,” which is inspired by the simplicity and comfort of nature and rural life. Whimsical vintage pieces play a key role in pulling off this design style, making thrift stores like Goodwill the perfect place to look for all the cottage core pieces you need! For example, a cottage core kitchen may include dishes and jars with floral or forest designs, linen or lace curtains or tablecloths, and wooden or wicker serving trays and baskets. The idea is to create an ultra-cozy, charming environment that makes all visitors feel right at home.



#4: Minimalist

Although it’s not necessarily a new style, minimalism rose to popularity over the last few years as more people embraced the idea of making their living spaces as clean and simple as possible. Minimalism is characterized by modest décor and monochromatic colors, usually muted tones of gray and white. If you choose this aesthetic, the first step is to tackle any clutter around your home. Sort through the items you don’t need and donate them to Goodwill “”  we make it quick and easy! Then, look for smart storage solutions at Goodwill to keep your non-essentials out of sight. You can also check for minimalist décor pieces in classic textures like glass or marble.

Decorative pink bottles at Goodwill

Home decor from Goodwill!

Eclectic Home Decor from Goodwill

Bicycle home decor from Goodwill

#5: Eclectic

If minimalism is too plain for your style, you might like the eclectic aesthetic better! With this home design style, there are no ” rules.” You can mix and match different aesthetics to match your personal style and taste! A surefire way to find a variety of unique, eclectic accent pieces at affordable prices is to shop at a thrift store like Goodwill. Keep your eyes peeled for bright, vibrant colors, patterns, and textures to mix in unexpected ways.

Decorate your home for less with Goodwill!

If you’ve ever been to a big home décor store, you know that decorating your space can get expensive. Luckily, Ohio Valley Goodwill is your go-to thrift store in Cincinnati for budget-friendly pieces that match every trendy and aesthetic home decor style imaginable!

Get started on decorating the home of your dreams by finding your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill retail store. We have 19 retail stores in and around Cincinnati, so there’s sure to be a convenient location near you!