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5 Things You Should Know About Ohio Valley Goodwill

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we’re always looking for ways to educate the community about our mission to help those in need through the power of work. While most people are familiar with Goodwill’s network of retail stores, there’s so much more to Ohio Valley Goodwill! Here are a few things you should know about Ohio Valley Goodwill and our mission:

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Ohio Valley Goodwill is a local, independent nonprofit organization

Ohio Valley Goodwill is part of Goodwill’s network of 161 independent, local Goodwill organizations in the United States and Canada. It’s commonly said that “if you’ve seen one Goodwill, you’ve seen one Goodwill!” Because no two Goodwills are exactly alike, each organization is able to tailor its services and programs to meet the needs of its unique community. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we provide a broad array of services to meet the diverse needs of the those we serve in the Greater Cincinnati area, including providing skills training and employment services for people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. And as a nonprofit organization, Ohio Valley Goodwill isn’t “owned” by anyone, but is led by respected business leaders and a dedicated board of directors.

Goodwill’s retail stores are just the beginning

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, our retail stores provide affordable clothing and household goods to people from all different backgrounds. But our retail stores are just the beginning of the great things happening at Goodwill! The money raised from the sale of retail goods is used to help fund our programs to help local people receive skills training and find meaningful employment. Collectively, more than 87 cents of every dollar spent in Goodwill stores goes back to local communities in the form of job training programs, skills training and education, and to provide community support services for job seekers. You can feel great knowing that your dollars spent at Goodwill will be reinvested back into your community!

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Goodwill is an original pioneer of the “reduce, reuse, repurpose” practice

Goodwill has been at the forefront of the “reduce, reuse, purpose” effort since our founding in 1902. Through the collection and resale of gently-used clothing and household goods, Goodwill gives reusable items a new life for people who need them. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we work with recycling partners to recycle donated items as well as cardboard, steel, electronic equipment, and office paper. Goodwill’s innovative donate-resale model diverts millions of pounds of reusable materials from local landfills every year, helping to reduce waste and keep our planet beautiful!

Ohio Valley Goodwill has been putting people to work for over 100 years

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries was founded by Methodist minister Dr. Richard Scully in 1916. Over the past century, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has served tens of thousands of men and women in need in the Greater Cincinnati community, helping them achieve personal and employment success. Throughout the years, Ohio Valley Goodwill has expanded our presence and our programs to meet the changing service needs of people living in our community. You can learn more about those helped by our programs and services by reading our latest Success Stories.

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Your support makes a difference!

Goodwill’s mission is only possible through the support of community members just like you! Every item you donate to Ohio Valley Goodwill or purchase from one of our retail stores enables us to continue providing valuable skills training, career development, job placement, and life enrichment opportunities to individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. We’re grateful for your support!

Becoming a job creator is easy! View our location map to find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill donation site or retail store.