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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Contract Packaging Company

Your company may produce great products, but do you have great packaging? Packaging should be an essential component of your overall product marketing strategy. Your packaging is the first thing that potential buyers will see and touch. It can attract new customers and promote brand loyalty, or it can turn customers away. Because good packaging is so essential, it’s important to find a packaging service that you can rely on. Here are five things to ask yourself when choosing a contract packaging company for your business:

#1: Do they provide warehouse space?

If you ship orders in large or bulk quantities, you will want to partner with a packaging company that is capable of storing your orders. Some packaging companies also offer warehouse space and inventory management services under one roof, which can help to streamline your operations.

#2: Do they use high-quality packaging supplies and materials?

Good packaging is not only visually appealing, but it serves to protect your product from damage or breakage in transit. Make sure the packaging company you choose uses high-quality materials. Another important aspect of packaging to consider is sustainability. When researching packaging companies, look for a company that participates in green, environmentally friendly initiatives, including recycling and using renewable materials.

#3: Can they meet your desired time frame?

In the fast-moving business world, time is money. Be sure the packaging company you choose offers quick turnaround and flexible service. For example, how can they reduce lead times? If you need to adjust your packaging strategy, can they change direction quickly? An experienced packaging company will ensure efficiency throughout every stage of the supply chain.

#4: Do they offer custom packaging solutions?

Custom packaging can set your product apart from others on the store shelves. Look for a packaging partner that is capable of creating custom packaging solutions that fit the unique needs of your product.

#5: Are they able to work with your budget?

The packaging partner you choose should work with your budget and look out for your company’s best interests. This includes suggesting ways to optimize the costs of materials, design fees, and other associated costs.

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