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Know the Facts: 4 Reasons to Donate to Goodwill

If you’re considering clearing your clutter straight into the trash bin, it’s time to hit pause and consider donating to Ohio Valley Goodwill instead. The benefits of making a Goodwill donation are endless, but we’ve made it easy by compiling the top four reasons it’s the better way to clean out your home.

It’s the Green Choice

When you donate items to Goodwill, you’re diverting them from the landfill and giving them a chance to be used again. Everything from clothes, accessories, and shoes to sporting goods, outdoor décor, and household items can be donated! While you no longer have a need for your donations, others might have the perfect use for them.

Whenever possible, anything that can’t be sold in a Goodwill thrift store is recycled. Last year, we recycled more than 48 million pounds of donated material, cardboard, steel, and office paper! Your decision to donate is clearly a better choice for our planet.

Take Advantage of Tax Benefits

Donating to Goodwill might make you eligible for a tax advantage. When you drop off items at a Goodwill Donation Center, we’ll provide you with a tax receipt, making it easy to keep track of your donations so you can report them at tax time.

Provides Job Skills Training

Shortly after you hand off your donations, Goodwill employees sort the items for sale at a Goodwill Thrift Store. The proceeds generated from their sale are used to fund Goodwill’s job skills training programs. Each year, these services help thousands of people in the Greater Cincinnati area become fully productive citizens in our community. Individuals with disabilities, our nation’s veterans, and others facing barriers to employment get the training and employment opportunities they need to find independence and personal fulfillment. It all starts with your donation.

It’s Easy to Donate to Goodwill in Cincinnati!

If you’re tempted to skip the donation process because you think it’s too much work, think again. We make donating simple! Just toss your donations in the trunk of your car, find one of the many Ohio Valley Goodwill Donation Centers near you, and drop off your donations.

If it weren’t for your generous donations, we couldn’t make an impact on our community. Last year, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries had a $63 million economic impact on the Cincinnati region, saving more than $4 million in government assistance.

Celebrating Sustainability, Earth Day every day
Celebrating Sustainability, Earth Day every day

We want to make the decision to donate a simple one. Learn more about different ways you can support Goodwill through your donations, and thank you for your generosity. We’ll continue our great work because of you!