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4 Reasons to Choose a Career You Love

Here’s a fun fact: Over the course of a year, the average full-time employee will spend nearly 2,000 hours at work. Wow! As you can imagine, feeling unhappy in a job where you spend so much of your life can spill over into just about everything you do. Finding a career you love is vital to so many things in life, and it might even have benefits you don’t usually think about.

Here are four reasons to choose a career you absolutely love:

#1: Job satisfaction leads to success

It’s true that when you love what you do, you’re more likely to put extra effort into the job at hand. But experts have found it goes even deeper than that. One psychologist found that enjoying your work boosts your overall well-being, creativity, and productivity.

You know that feeling when you get in the “zone”? This feeling of complete focus and satisfaction in work comes when you love what you’re doing. That happiness fuels your “flow,” and in turn, the “flow” motivates you to do more. It’s a loop of satisfaction!

#2: Create a sense of community

When you’re in a line of work that makes you happy, it’s more likely that you’ll find a group of peers you enjoy spending time with. Having a sense of community in the workplace feeds our natural desires for belonging, and it can help us create lasting friendships outside of work. And, when team members support and include one another, it creates a positive workplace environment. These are all key to long-term career success and happiness!

#3: Less stress and better health

Loving your career also goes hand-in-hand with less work-related stress. Too much stress is harmful to both mental and physical health, increasing the risk for heart attacks, stroke, weight gain, and more. For better health and quality of life, choose a job that makes you happy!

#4: Feel fulfilled, beyond salary

While earning a living wage is important, there are actually limits to how much happiness money can bring us. So, what does move the needle? Fulfillment! A career you love leads you to feeling fulfilled in a way that money alone cannot. Especially for jobs seekers with disabilities, the benefits of employment go beyond a paycheck, providing a powerful source of self-sufficiency, confidence, and achievement. 

Meaningful Employment Makes All the Difference

Finding a career you love sets you up for success in all facets of life. That’s why Goodwill’s vocational services focus on helping individuals with disabilities, our nation’s veterans, and other local job seekers empower themselves and achieve personal fulfillment through employment. We believe that everyone who wants to work deserves a life-enriching career they love!

Brandon's Goodwill Success Story
Brandon’s Goodwill Success Story

For over 100 years, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been helping people achieve the goal of community employment, helping to set job seekers up for success in every stage of the process — from career exploration to skills training, to applying for a job and finding supports while in that position. We invite you to read our latest Success Stories to learn more about the incredible individuals we’ve been lucky to serve!

Goodwill's Cycle of Success
Goodwill’s Cycle of Success

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