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4 Hacks to Learn from Top Thrift Shoppers

From great deals to sustainability, the reasons to shop at a Goodwill thrift store are many. But have you ever felt like you’re not maximizing the opportunities that come with thrifting? Now’s your chance to learn from the best!

We’ve compiled four thrift shopping hacks that will help you maximize your next trip to Goodwill!

#1: Know the Signs of Quality

Not all thrift store items are created equally. When it comes to thrifting for clothing, it’s important to know how to quickly spot high-quality pieces.

Rack of mens coats at Ohio Valley Goodwill
Rack of mens coats at Ohio Valley Goodwill

When shopping for blazers, jackets, and coats, look for lining as a sign that the item wasn’t made on the cheap. You can also spot signs of quality on many pieces by checking buttons and zippers. Buttons should be secure, and zippers should glide easily. Check for sewn-in labels and look for natural materials such as wool and leather. Those are sure-fire clues that the item is high quality!

#2: Keep an Open Mind

Thrifting sometimes requires a ‘vision’ for what could be. Some items can be good as new if you know how to make repairs or remove stains. Others can become something else with a little paint, elbow grease or imagination. The best thrift shoppers scan the aisles with possibilities in mind – and walk away with great items that just need someone who can see their potential!

#3: Shop Often

Not all trips to a thrift store result in incredible finds. Some days you may not find anything that meets your needs. But the great news is that new items are being stocked every day! In order to really conquer thrift shopping technique, it’s important to return often so you don’t miss a thing.

#4: Watch for Tag Sales and Promotions

Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores run regular promotions that can really add up to great savings. The best thrift shoppers will watch our social media accounts or subscribe to the Goodwill promotions newsletter so they’re the first to hear of sale announcements, and can plan accordingly. Often times you’ll score 50% off or more just by taking advantage of a tag sale!

With the help of these tips, you’ll be the one sharing your great thrift store finds with all your friends. Don’t forget, your Goodwill thrifting will also support job skills training and other employment services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans.

Outside of Goodwill Store
Outside of Goodwill Store

Now that you know the secrets to scoring big as a thrift store shopper, find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store in Cincinnati and start shopping like a pro!