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4 Fun DIY Projects for Winter Break

The holidays are almost here, and that means children of all ages get to take a break from school and enjoy an extended winter break. But after the fun and festivities of the holidays are over, many parents are left wondering how to keep their kids entertained for the rest of their vacation. If this sounds familiar, we’re here to help!

One of the best ways to prevent winter break boredom is by putting together a craft. Not only will DIY projects help your little ones stay busy, but it will also keep their minds engaged while they’re out of school.

Make your winter break wonderful with these easy and kid-friendly crafts:

Sock Snowmen

Nothing says winter like a snowman, and this adorable craft will bring the joy of snowmen to your home””no snow required! For this project, you’ll need white socks that are at least crew length. Start by filling the sock with dry rice. Then, tie the top of the sock closed with a rubber band. Use another rubber band to tie around the middle of the snowman, making the snowman’s head. Now you can decorate your snowman! Glue on buttons, make a scarf using spare fabric, then draw on a face using a permanent marker. Creating one of these cute snowmen takes just a few minutes. See how many you and your kids can make together on a snow day!

Mannequin dressed in red sweater with red scarf

Mannequin dressed in red sweater with red scarf

Mannequin dressed in jeans, striped shirt, red sweater, and green scarf


Scarf Wreath

Looking for a fun way to decorate your front door? This scarf wreath is easy to make and looks oh-so cozy in the winter months! All you’ll need is a wire or styrofoam wreath form (you can find this at any craft store) and a scarf to cover it. Instead of buying a brand new scarf, try repurposing a gently-used one from Goodwill. In our retail stores, you can find tons of winter scarves in all colors and patterns at incredible prices. Wrap the middle of the scarf around the wreath form. You can tie the ends together, tuck them in, or glue them down with a hot glue gun. For added flair, glue fake flowers or berries, ribbon, or pinecones to the wreath. Your kids will love helping you put together this simple project!


Books on a shelf

Books from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Book Page Bookmarks

Thrift stores like Goodwill are stocked with an ever-growing selection of books. Why not pick up a few well-loved copies and repurpose them into useful bookmarks? Cut out a 2-inch wide rectangle from a page, using a ruler to keep the edges straight. Then, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the bookmark. Finally, tie a ribbon through the hole. It’s a great way to hold your place in a book and remind your kids how fun reading can be!







Shelf at Goodwill with home decor items and books

Shelf of Frames at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Picture Frame Dry-Erase Board

Dry-erase boards are endlessly useful. They make excellent teaching tools for young children learning to spell or practicing math problems. They’re also perfect for on-the-go drawing, like in the car or while at a restaurant. You can use them to play games with your kids, such as tic-tac-toe. Best of all, dry-erase boards save paper, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Want to make your own stylish dry-erase boards? All you’ll need is a thrifted picture frame from your local Goodwill store, spray paint, and some patterned scrapbook paper. Remove the glass and photo from the frame, then spray paint the frame in your desired color. While the frame dries, clean the glass on both sides with glass cleaner. Cut out the paper to fit in the size of the glass, then reassemble the paper and glass in the frame. Now you have a customized dry-erase board that’s ready to be put to good use!

Shop at Goodwill for craft supplies

Find the materials you need to make these fun wintertime crafts for less when you shop at Goodwill! Our retail stores are always stocked with gently-used goods ready to be repurposed in creative craft projects. You can feel confident knowing that when you shop at Goodwill, you’re getting an incredible deal and helping people go to work in your community. That’s shopping smart! Head to your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill store today, and be sure to check out our special offers to save even more.