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3 Ways You Can Change Lives with Goodwill

We can all do our part to make life better for those around us. Our combined efforts can create stronger community bonds and lead to a more vibrant place for us to call home.

Contributing to the bigger picture doesn’t have to be a large commitment. Let Goodwill help you do good! Here’s how you can help transform the lives of others in the Cincinnati region through Goodwill’s mission:

Graphic: Donate and Shop. Change a Life.
Graphic: Donate and Shop. Change a Life.

#1: Big or Small: Just Donate

The size of your donation doesn’t matter; your gift to Goodwill supports our mission to improve lives by providing job skills training and job placement services to individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans.

Maybe it’s a box full of household goods you no longer need, or clothes your kids have outgrown. Or, maybe you’re able to give financially. No gift is too small. Any and all donations will give Goodwill the power to provide services to more people.

Did you know? Ohio Valley Goodwill even accepts car donations in Cincinnati to help fuel our mission! Learn more about our Cincinnati car donation program and auto auction

#2: Thrift for Your Shopping Needs

Before you navigate to your usual retail website or stop by a big box store, ask yourself whether the item you’re looking for can be thrifted instead. Ohio Valley Goodwill has several stores conveniently located throughout the Cincinnati area, and new items are stocked every day. You’d be surprised what you can find in a Goodwill Thrift Store!

Your purchases support Goodwill’s mission “” and you’ll save some cash too. Make thrifting part of your shopping routine and replace your run-of-the-mill purchases with something unique that also supports a brighter future for our neighbors.

#3: Share the Goodwill Mission Story

Last but not least, the simplest way you can support the work we do here at Goodwill is to learn more about it and then share what you know. Our passion is to provide services that maximize vocational independence for individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to harness the social and emotional power of work.

Learn more about the barriers to employment individuals with disabilities face, and the services we offer to overcome them. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to add to casual conversations or share information on social media. It sounds simple, but these small actions make a big difference!

Let’s Make a Difference Together!

In 2022, Ohio Valley Goodwill served nearly 2,000 individuals in the Cincinnati area and made a total economic impact of more than $64 million. These are indicators we can measure. What we can’t capture in numerals is the impact your generosity had on each individual situation represented in those figures.

Check out all how you can donate to Goodwill, find your nearest Goodwill thrift store to start shopping, and learn more about our mission. Let’s change more lives!