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3 Ways to Make Your Holiday Gathering More Sustainable

The holidays are a time for warm gatherings, comforting meals, and lively conversation with loved ones.

Unfortunately, it can also be a time of excess and waste. However, with a few small adjustments, you can create a more sustainable holiday gathering that’s more kind to our planet!

Here are three easy ways to host a more sustainable holiday gathering!

Snowman mugs and dish set from Goodwill

#1: Ditch the Disposables

Many people turn to disposable dishes and silverware when they’re hosting because the clean-up is easy, but the impact these products have on our environment is a serious problem. These products often can’t be recycled, plastics release toxic chemicals as they break down, and even paper plates and napkins pose a problem with timber harvesting and pollution related to production.

Red plate from Ohio Valley Goodwill
Red plate from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Instead, opt for reusable dishes and cloth napkins thrifted at Goodwill! They’re an affordable option that’s more sustainable. By purchasing thrifted dishes and silverware, you’re eliminating the need for additional manufacturing while also adding an eclectic and unique look to your holiday meal! Plus, if you don’t want to keep the dishes for future use, you can simply donate them back to Goodwill.

Wood Thankful Sign from Ohio Valley Goodwill
Wood Thankful Sign from Ohio Valley Goodwill

#2: Use Creatively Thrifted Décor

Instead of buying new decorations for your gathering, get creative and go Goodwill shopping instead! A creative spin on reusable items will add a special touch to your holiday.

Research ideas for unique ways to reuse or style thrifted items, such as choosing vintage vases to fill with flowers and other natural elements to place throughout your home. The possibilities are endless and much more earth-friendly than purchasing new.

Festive holiday vase from Goodwill
Festive holiday vase from Goodwill

#3: Entertain with Good Old Fashioned Thrifted Fun!

If your guests will be staying a while, it’s a good idea to provide options for a little holiday fun. Goodwill is a great source for DVDs, books, puzzles, and board games. Keep these sustainable entertainment options on hand to ensure no one ever gets bored, and you’ll be making new holiday memories in no time!

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Let Goodwill Help You Be More Earth-Friendly this Holiday Season!

The holiday season doesn’t have to be filled with overabundance. Instead, use these tips and let Goodwill help you be mindful of how your holiday celebrations impact our environment. 

Find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill store today, and start shopping for a more sustainable, and memorable, holiday season!