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3 Ways Goodwill’s Mission Helps Boost Local Economies

For many people, shopping at Goodwill is all about finding a good bargain. But do you know how vital Ohio Valley Goodwill’s work is to your community’s economy? By supporting Ohio Valley Goodwill, shoppers and donors alike are contributing to a mission that’s changing lives and uplifting the neighborhoods where they live! Here’s how:

#1: Providing Employment

For many people, Ohio Valley Goodwill is a source of stability and income. In 2021, the organization paid a total of $19 million in wages to its employees. Our outstanding team members work in Goodwill retail stores, process donated items, assist those we serve with career coaching and job placement, and so much more. The Ohio Valley Goodwill team makes Goodwill’s mission possible each day!

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#2: Placing People in Jobs

Goodwill’s mission is all about providing a boost to people who need it most. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we focus on serving individuals with disabilities, our nation’s veterans, and others facing challenges to finding stable and meaningful employment. We provide essential job skills training, coaching, and employment services that help job seekers empower themselves and maximize their vocational independence. In 2021, Ohio Valley Goodwill placed 920 people in community employment, helping them achieve personal and vocational success.

#3: Tax Earnings & Savings

When people who were previously unemployed or underemployed find gainful employment, they’re able to contribute to their communities and pump dollars into the local economy through everyday spending and tax payments. And, earning a steady wage also helps to reduce reliance on government assistance. In 2021, Ohio Valley Goodwill’s job placement impact saved $4,393,920 in government assistance spending. We believe everyone who wants to work deserves the dignity of a job, the opportunity to fully participate as a member of their community, and, as a result, the chance to support their local economy.

Goodwill is Making a Difference in Your Community!

It’s hard to fathom just how much Ohio Valley Goodwill impacts our local economy. On a global scale, Goodwill Industries is the world’s largest and most successful network providing employment and training services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. It’s a massive system that churns opportunity and investment into local economies across the country. Ultimately, Goodwill’s mission helps communities succeed!

In the Greater Cincinnati region, Ohio Valley Goodwill made a $63.5 million total economic impact in 2021, and we have been serving this community for over 100 years. We look forward to helping people thrive in the Cincinnati area for many decades to come, but we couldn’t do it without your help.

Whether you love to shop our retail stores, give to our donation centers, or support our employment services, Ohio Valley Goodwill is here making a difference every day because of you!