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3 Ways Goodwill Puts the Spotlight on Our ABILITIES

The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon brings together thousands of runners each year who push their bodies to the limit. But each marathon season, we here at Ohio Valley Goodwill keep our eye on the PigAbilities event, which is a chance for people of all abilities to be a part of the Cincinnati Flying Pig weekend.

PigAbilities is inclusive, fully accessible, and welcoming to athletes with disabilities and their supporters. Participants will walk, roll, or stroll the final mile of the marathon course – crossing the official Flying Pig Marathon Finish Swine a champion!

It’s one of the many ways we here at Ohio Valley Goodwill focus on ABILITIES. Here are just three other ways Goodwill reminds us all to look at what we can do instead of what we cannot:

Developing Job Skills

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s services and training programs help individuals with disabilities become fulfilled, contributing members of our community through the power of employment. By providing valuable job skills, we shine a spotlight on what that individual can achieve.

Everyone brings unique skills to the table, and when we align them with the right employment opportunity, individuals of all abilities can find a vocation that adds to their self-confidence and happiness.

Providing Encouragement

Sometimes we just need a cheerleader — it’s true for us all. When you know there’s someone in your corner rooting for your success, you’re more likely to go the extra mile. That’s something Goodwill does every day for the individuals we serve. Our Employment Services team provides the tools needed to succeed, and sprinkles in encouragement at every turn. This may seem like a simple role to play, but it goes a long way when you’re chasing a goal! 

Serving as an Advocate

When it comes to inclusion, we collectively have a lot of work to do. Some employers don’t seriously consider individuals with disabilities when hiring for a job. They focus on the disability instead of everything an individual can do.

At Goodwill, we’re on a mission to change the narrative and bring attention to the richness a person with disabilities can bring to a workplace. Advocacy is a powerful thing, and we believe it’s our responsibility to act as a champion for individuals with disabilities. Together, we can create an inclusive community with more enriching opportunities for all.

Pigabilities Group 2022
Pigabilities Group 2022

As we prepare for the 2023 PigAbilities event on May 6, let’s keep our ABILITIES at our core. Learn more about the services we offer for individuals with disabilities and how your Goodwill donations and shopping support make a difference.