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3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Packaging

Have you ever wondered how your products’ packaging influences your customer experience? Including personal touches to your packaging strategy is key to creating a memorable “unboxing” experience for your customers. With e-commerce on the rise, the value of personalized packaging is unmatched. If you’d like to start implementing a personalized approach to your packaging, here are three ways to add a personal touch.

Give away samples

If you want to improve customer experience and gain loyal fans, try giving away a few samples with every order. It’s an inexpensive way to encourage your customers to try new products or increase your brand’s exposure.

Reward customers with coupons

Make the most of every package you ship by including a discount code or coupon for the next order. Your customers will remember the gesture and may even buy more products on their next order.

Include a personal note

While e-commerce will never totally recreate an in-person shopping experience, you can still show your customers appreciation with a handwritten or signed note included in every box. Including a handwritten thank-you card in every order is a simple and inexpensive way to leave a memorable impression on every customer.

Adding a personal touch to your packaging doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming! By partnering with a quality packaging service, you can spend less time putting together and shipping orders and more time creating a personal experience for your customers.

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