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3 Sneaky Spots You Probably Forgot to Purge

When it’s time to chuck the unwanted items in your home, there are a few spaces that typically come first on the list for a clean-out. Storage rooms, closets, and playrooms are the usual suspects, but there are a few rooms in the house that are often forgotten.

Here are three places to double-check before you finalize your purge!

#1: Garage / Storage Shed

Garages and sheds can easily become catch-alls for things that don’t have a place of their own. Maybe your kids have outgrown their bicycles, rollerblades, or kites. Or maybe your spouse got a new tool over the holidays and didn’t get rid of the old one. These outdoor storage areas can quickly fill up with unwanted items that are out of sight and out of mind. Grab a box or bag and fill it with items you can donate to Goodwill, such as sports equipment, toys, holiday décor, children’s clothes and shoes, Halloween costumes, and so much more! 

Donated van at Ohio Valley Goodwill auto auction
Goodwill auto auction van

And don’t forget that Goodwill accepts vehicle donations “” even if they’re not in running condition. Just complete an online form to start the donation process. It’s quick and easy!

Queen bee yellow mug from Goodwill
Queen bee yellow mug from Goodwill

#2: Kitchen

Do you find yourself muttering under your breath whenever you’re faced with locating a matching lid to store your leftovers? Is your collection of novelty mugs ready to tumble out of your cupboards? If so, it’s time to clean out and organize your kitchen space! Ohio Valley Goodwill gives new life to gently-used dishes, containers, silverware, and small appliances, and you’ll regain your sanity the next time you spend time in the kitchen!

#3: Bathroom

When was the last time you took a look at what was lurking under your bathroom sink and linen closet? Shine the light on these places and clear out the things you no longer use! Extra bathroom rugs, towels, bath robes, and linens are perfect candidates for a Goodwill donation.

Find Your Nearest Goodwill Donation Center

Once you’ve double-checked those easily forgotten places to purge, pack up your donations and find your nearest Goodwill Donation Center. Your gently-used items will go on to help provide job skills training that allows individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to find vocational success.

Outside of Goodwill Retail Store
Outside of Goodwill Retail Store

Rest assured that your donations make a difference in the Cincinnati region, providing skills training and job placement services that help thousands of people become fully engaged, productive citizens. And, by deciding to donate to Goodwill instead of throwing away your items, you’re making a sustainable choice that helps keep our planet beautiful. Thank you for choosing Goodwill for your donations “” we couldn’t do what we do without you!