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3 Reasons to Customize Your Packaging Solutions

You have a great product, but that’s only half the equation. How much have you thought about how your product presents itself to your customer or distributor? This is where custom packaging comes in, and it’s more important than you might think.

Let’s break down the reasons to choose a customized packaging solution:

#1: Put your brand forward.

Your packaging is important real estate to put the focus on your brand identity. Custom packaging that proudly displays your brand mark and relays an expectation of your brand name builds professionalism and a more positive customer experience. Believe it or not, your customers form an opinion of your products before they even see them! Custom packaging is the perfect way to set the tone for a favorable interaction with your brand.

#2: Better product protection.

Custom packaging solutions allow you to tailor your packaging to the specific dimensions and support needed for your products. This ensures better protection during shipping and reduces the risk of damage, leading to fewer returns and exchanges.

#3: Improve Customer Communication.

Opting for a custom packaging solution allows you the option to integrate product information, including instructions for its use, care information, ingredients, and brand information. Including this information improves the customer experience and can decrease the chance of product misuse and subsequent dissatisfaction.

#4: Further Your Reach.

Putting your branding front and center on your packaging creates the opportunity for all sorts of organic exposure. For example, unboxing videos are trending on social media, but they’re not nearly as effective if your packaging isn’t fully dressed up with your brand aesthetic. If your products are sold in physical retail stores, custom packaging can help them stand out on shelves, and grab the attention of other eyes throughout its journey to your customer’s hands.

Tap Into Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Custom Packaging Services

Looking for a custom Cincinnati packaging solutions partner? Ohio Valley Goodwill’s custom packaging services offer value and a partnership unlike what for-profit companies can provide in the Cincinnati region.

Our Industrial Services Division has decades of experience providing quality contract labor services to Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana businesses. Since all our contracted packaging is done by hand, we’re able to decrease lead times and pivot quickly based on your business needs.

When you enter into a partnership with Goodwill for your custom Cincinnati packaging needs, you’re helping us fulfill our mission to provide meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. Our team members are excited to provide high-quality services that help you achieve your business goals. It’s truly our competitive advantage.

Let’s create a custom packaging partnership that works for you! Contact us for details and a tour of our facilities.