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3 Industries That Use Kitting to Streamline the Fulfillment Process

Kitting, the process of combining two or more components into a single ready-to-ship bundle, is a process used by companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency. By implementing kitting, employees can save time on picking and packing products for individual orders, enabling them to produce a large number of custom kits at one time and fulfill orders more quickly. This often translates into a better experience for the customer, because it speeds up shipping time and reduces overall costs for the manufacturer and consumer.

Kitting is a method that can be implemented by companies of all sizes in almost every industry. Here’s a look at three different industries that frequently use kitting to streamline their order fulfillment:


The toy industry is well-known for its use of kitting to organize products and sell multiple items as a set. From board games to model airplanes, toys that are commonly purchased together can be packaged into ready-to-ship kits. By combining multiple elements into a single kit, toy companies can speed up the pick, pack, and ship process, which helps to reduce errors and expedite the order to the shipping stage.

Auto Parts

Kitting is also a preferred method used in the automotive industry to improve organization and make assembly and repair services more streamlined. For example, at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, our Industrial Services Division assembles custom transmission repair kits for the Ford Motor Company. Our employees assemble these kits by hand, which include multiple small pieces and tools organized into one cohesive package. The custom kit makes it easier for service technicians to access the tools they need quickly and efficiently.

Paper goods and marketing materials

Putting together large quantities of paper products such as brochures, folders, training/sales materials, and promotional materials can be time-consuming, especially for small businesses with limited staff. Instead of assembling these materials in-house, many companies see the value in partnering with a third-party kitting service, using outsourced labor to compile and ship paper goods and promotional products in bulk. Using a third-party kitting service for paper goods is a popular approach to keep in-house labor costs down and improve the speed of assembly.

As you can see, the kitting process offers many cost and time-saving benefits for companies across nearly every industry. Are you curious to see how using kitting services can benefit your business? Our Industrial Services Division can help!

We have decades of experience providing a full range of packaging, assembly, and kitting services to firms in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. Our large, diverse workforce can complete projects of any size with fast turnaround time, helping you to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency in the order fulfillment process. If you’re ready to put our employees to work on your next kitting project, contact us today to learn more and receive a free tour of our facilities.