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3 Ideas for Storing Summer Décor

The task of swapping out seasonal décor can sometimes feel like the ‘organization Olympics!’ There are very few storage challenges quite as personal as safely squirreling away your favorite home decorations until next year.  

Sure, the task can seem daunting, but if you put a system in place, you’ll transition from summer to fall without breaking a sweat!

Here are three smart ideas for storing your summer décor with help from Goodwill:

#1: Save the Future You: Purge First!

Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill
Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill

We know you’ve probably been stopping by your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store every chance you get, and that’s great! But it might mean you’ll need to sort through the décor you currently have and get rid of the things you no longer love.

Purging unwanted items now will save you from an overwhelming task next spring when you unbox. Here’s the secret: Don’t hold on to anything that doesn’t put a smile on your face. It’s better to donate those items to Goodwill, where they’ll be resold at our retail stores in Greater Cincinnati. Pay it forward and let those unwanted items bring joy to someone else!

#2: Pack by Room

We get it — it can be tempting to squish everything you have into boxes and bins and throw them on a shelf somewhere. But once again, the key to successful seasonal storage is taking steps now that will save you stress next year.

One easy way to do this is to pack items from similar areas of the home together. As you take items out of a particular room, place them in the same storage area, so they’re all together when you’re getting ready to pull them out again next year. And if you’re someone who forgets where things go, take a picture!

#3: Choose the Right Tools for You

Not all storage solutions are equal. While some people may prefer clear plastic bins to store their seasonal décor, others think it’s too chaotic to be able to see everything inside. It’s okay to choose what works best for you and your space!

Outdoor baskets from Ohio Valley Goodwill
Outdoor baskets from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Baskets are great for double duty — acting both as décor and storage! The same goes for vintage summer picnic baskets, flower pots, or bowls.

Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores have plenty of options for storage, including bins, baskets, shelves, hooks, and more. Find your nearest Goodwill, donate what you don’t need, and then stock up on storage solutions for your summer home goods. With Goodwill’s help, you’re guaranteed to win the organization Olympics this year!

P.S. Once you’ve organized your summer supplies, it’s a good time to shop at Goodwill for your fall décor, too! We’re all stocked up with autumnal accessories and home goods to bring the cozy feeling of fall into your living space.

And don’t forget, whenever you shop at Goodwill and donate in Cincinnati, you’re making a life-changing difference for job seekers in your community. Your donation and shopping support fuels Ohio Valley Goodwill’s job skills training programs and employment services for individuals with disabilities and veterans. We’re grateful for your help!