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3 Easy Ways to Be Kind to Our Planet Today

August is here, and we’re all clinging to the last carefree days of summer. Now’s a great time to slow down and consider a few ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle as you get ready for a busy Autumn and back-to-school season!

Today, we’re sharing three easy ways you can be kind to the planet with a little help from Goodwill:

Green to Go Goodwill Graphic
Green to Go Goodwill Graphic

#1: Choose to Reuse

Perhaps the easiest way to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle is to replace single-use plastic and disposable items with reusable ones. For example, switching to a refillable water bottle can help you cut down on plastic consumption and serve as a helpful reminder to stay hydrated throughout your day. If you’re sending little ones to school, consider packing their lunch box with reusable containers and cutlery instead of buying single-use plastic bags and utensils. You can find a variety of reusable kitchen items for less when you shop at Goodwill. So, this tip is not only good for the planet, but it’s good for your wallet, too!

#2: Feed the Birds (and Bees!)

One great way to support Mother Nature is to provide a welcoming spot for birds, bees, butterflies, and other friendly outdoor critters. Consider picking up a few bird feeders or bird houses at your local Goodwill retail store for a fraction of big box store prices. Fill them up with bird seed, and you’re bound to enjoy visits from local birds “” that is, at least until they fly south for the winter! Another idea is to plant native wildflowers in your backyard to create a garden oasis for honeybees and butterflies. While it may not be planting season quite yet, you can still plan ahead by purchasing affordable outdoor pots, baskets, and planters at Goodwill stores.

#3: Thrift Your Way to the New School Year

Rack of clothes at Ohio Valley Goodwill
Clothes at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Last but not least, you can make a meaningful impact by choosing to thrift items for the new school year from Goodwill instead of buying brand new from a traditional retail store. Thrift shopping at Goodwill has always been beneficial for the environment, and especially in these times of inflation, it’s wonderful for budget-minded families, too.

Thrift Love National Thrift Shop Day is August 17!
National Thrift Shop Day is August 17!

In fact, National Thrift Shop Day is on August 17th, making it a perfect time to shop at Goodwill, protect the planet, and support job seekers in your community all at the same time. That’s right, when you choose to shop at Goodwill, every purchase you make helps to fund life-changing community programs and support services such as job skills training, career coaching, and employment services for individuals with disabilities and local veterans who need help finding employment.

Not only is Ohio Valley Goodwill the Cincinnati thrift store where you can score amazing deals on unique clothing and household items, but we also provide pathways to success for job seekers in your community! Read more about our stories of employment success to see how your shopping support makes a lasting difference.

P.S. Are you hanging onto items you don’t use or need? Consider donating them to Goodwill this back-to-school season! Donating reusable goods instead of throwing them away is a smart move for the planet, because many of these materials take years to fully break down in landfills.

Goodwill gladly accepts clothing donations, accessories, small household items, and more at our convenient Donation Centers located in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Visit us today for all your donation and shopping needs!