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2019 PigAbilities, Goodwill Pig Pop-Up Shop and Flying Pig Marathon Incredible Success!

Team Goodwill at Start of PigAbilities event

The 2019 Flying Pig Marathon, PigAbilities event and Goodwill Pip Pop-Up Shop were all incredibly successful this year. The PigAbilities event took place on Saturday, May 4th and welcomed more than 300 excited athletes, coaches, family members and volunteers. Team members representing Ohio Valley Goodwill, St. Joseph’s Home, Special Olympics, CILO and Catholic Residential Services among others all gathered at the Start line ready to fly at this year’s PigAbilities event and were thrilled with the crowds of cheering fans lining the course. Ohio Valley Goodwill is proud to be the Title Sponsor for this amazingly inspiring event which celebrates the abilities of all of the participants.    Members of Team Goodwill also held up signs in support of long-time partner, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, HCDDS, who will be on the November ballot this year. Goodwill Marketing Director, Sharon Hannon, joined with Flying Pig Marathon Race Director, Iris Simpson Bush, to kick off the 2019 PigAbilities event.   ” As the Title Sponsor of the PigAbilities for a third year in a row, Ohio Valley Goodwill is so proud of all of the athletes who have chosen to be part of this important event. We congratulate all of you on your success today and also, in training to be part of this year’s Flying Pig Marathon.”

Eddie running across Finish Swine

As always, running across the Finish Swine is unbelievably exciting and CARE athlete, Eddie Morgan showed how it was done as he proudly raced to the finish to get his well-deserved medal. “Our CARE team members trained for five weeks to get ready for this year’s PigAbilities event and we are proud of their wonderful achievement,” said Lois Kramer, CARE Program Supervisor. All PigAbilities participants had the opportunity to enjoy cookies at the Celebration tent following the big PigA event and congratulate each other on their personal success.

The other big attraction for this year’s attendees to the Flying Pig Expo was the Goodwill Pig Pop-Up Shop and always, it was a very popular destination for runners. Thousands of shoppers stopped by the Pop-Up Shop to stock up on athleisure wear and running gear. “You can’t beat the great deals that you can get at Goodwill,” said one enthusiastic shopper who makes the Goodwill Pig Pop-Up Shop an annual tradition now. Goodwill’s Retail Team was ready and willing to provide wonderful customer service as they worked hard to make sure that display racks stayed fully stocked throughout the Expo. “We are always so grateful to all members of our Retail team as ambassadors for Ohio Valley Goodwill and our mission in the Greater Cincinnati community. Throughout the Expo, they are sharing the story of how donated items are sold to support the organization’s 100+ year mission of putting people to work and that’s a great thing,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Director.

Goodwill Retail Team 2019

Our thanks to the Flying Pig Marathon team for their coordination and presentation of this year’s 21st anniversary event and for another memorable weekend celebration of athletes of all abilities. To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission of service, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/about