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Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries Opens New Outlet Store!



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Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries Opens New Outlet Store!

Cincinnati, OH · · February 3, 2017Donated items get second chance to support mission

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries is pleased to announce the opening on Monday, February 6th at 9 am of it’s first-ever Goodwill Outlet Store. Located in the Village of Woodlawn, adjacent to its corporate headquarters, the 5000 square foot outlet store is designed to provide shoppers an opportunity to purchase merchandise by the pound and, at greatly reduced prices.

Prices by the pound are as follows:

Glass                             .49/lb

Housewares                 .89/lb

Clothing, toys           .99/lb

purses, accessories     .99/lb

Prices by the item are as follows

CD/DVD/Records     $1.00 each

Soft Back Books             .25 each

Hard Back Books           .50 each

Shoes                 $4.00 each

The concept for the new Goodwill Outlet Store is to offer items which haven’t sold in Goodwill stores, to the many shoppers who still recognize their value.   Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries works hard for people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans in Greater Cincinnati get jobs. The new Goodwill Outlet Store will add a brand new opportunity for your generous Goodwill Donations to make that happen.

Moreover, the new Goodwill Outlet Store will also add to Ohio Valley Goodwill’s award-winning recycling and salvage operation. Last year alone, Ohio Valley Goodwill recycled more than 49,000,000 pounds of plastics, metals, cardboard and textiles in Greater Cincinnati.

Merchandise bins, including book bins, rotate every few hours. Bins are removed from the sales floor and replaced with a completely different selection of merchandise, so those who shop daily at the new Goodwill Outlet store have the opportunity for fresh finds several times throughout the day.

The new Goodwill Outlet store is located at 10596 Springfield Pike, 45215 .

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

For more information about the new Goodwill Outlet Store visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/shop .