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What’s Missing From Your Packaging Strategy?

As a business owner, you know that packaging is an essential part of successful product planning. Not only does packaging keep your products safe from damage, but it’s also an important marketing and communications tool to promote your brand. Have you ever wondered if something is missing from your packaging strategy? Here are three important factors that you won’t want to miss.

Product protection

The most obvious benefit of packaging is to protect products. Packaging helps to shield your product from the effects of hot or cold temperatures, prevent breakage or damage, and increase the shelf life of a product. Some types of packaging also play an important role in safety measures, such as tamper-resistant or tamper-evident packaging, which help to improve security by preventing theft or protecting people or pets from potentially dangerous products. Does your packaging protect your products as well as it should? If not, you may need to reevaluate your packaging strategy.

Marketing opportunities

Great product packaging serves to differentiate your brand from competitors on the store shelves. Use your packaging design as a powerful marketing tool to capture people’s attention and help them remember your brand. Along with creative, attractive design, your packaging should feature your brand’s logo to promote brand recognition.


Product packaging also helps to improve efficiency during the process of transporting products from warehouse to store shelves. For example, the materials used in packaging can impact the weight and size of your products, and larger, bulkier boxes can increase shipping costs. Without a labeling system for your inventory, the fulfillment process can quickly become disorganized. Take steps to improve efficiency by using lighter packaging materials and utilize a proper labeling system to reduce errors in fulfillment and shipping.

Are you ready to improve your packaging strategy? Outsource packaging services to Ohio Valley Goodwill! We have decades of experience handling industrial packaging projects for businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana. Put Goodwill to work for your business and experience shorter lead times, reduced costs, and better efficiency throughout the packaging process. Your partnership with our Industrial Services Division also supports Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission to help provide job training and meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities in our community. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free tour of our facilities.