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What’s the Difference Between Assembly and Kitting?

When it comes to choosing the right fulfillment solution for your growing business, you may have plenty of questions. If you’re curious about the difference between kitting and assembly, we have the answers for you! Here’s a closer look at the differences between assembly and kitting services.


Assembly is the process of taking two or more separate components and combining them together to make one end item which can then be prepared for shipment. Some fulfillment centers utilize an assembly line to complete assembly services in bulk, a process which involves multiple workers doing a single task and passing the product down the line to the next worker until the product is completely assembled. Assembly lines enable firms to mass produce products quickly and more efficiently.


Kitting involves bundling two or more similar items together to create one ready-to-ship kit that’s sold as a single item. Unlike pre-assembled products, the items in kits are often assembled by the end consumer. Some products that are commonly packaged in kits include cosmetics, subscription boxes, direct mail kits, and furniture. Kitting is often used to make inventory management simpler and more efficient.

Both assembly services and kitting services can offer significant benefits to your growing business. Outsourcing kitting and assembly to a third-party provider enables business owners and employees to free up more time to focus on core business. By partnering with an assembly or kitting provider, businesses can experience such benefits as better lead times, lowered overhead costs, and reduced fulfillment and shipping mistakes. With more time and resources, you can provide better, faster service for your valued customers.

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