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It’s Wedding Season and Goodwill is Here to Help!

WP_20140509_021Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new… this old rhyme seems just perfect for today’s enlightened young bride as she looks for the right dress for  the most important day of her life  but   who is also  guided by  a commitment to renewing and re-using. Her other priority is trying to stay within a budget that allows her to look breathtakingly fabulous but at a less than designer price. While searching for ideas on a dizzying array of websites, the enterprising young bride comes across a novel idea about how to stick to her  environmental convictions, obtain that amazing once-in-a-lifetime look, and save money at the same time…Goodwill! Who would have thought that one of the most well-known thrift stores in the world, would have such an assortment of lovely bridal and formal gowns to choose from and at a fraction of the cost of other retail settings?! Our new bride is thrilled at her discovery and quickly finds a list of local Goodwill boutiques and stores to check out. She discovers that a host of Goodwill stores have a large, ever-changing selection of bridal and formal dresses, veils, shoes, jewelry and more that could be just the absolute treasure that she’s looking for.

The fairy tale story of John and Peony, a young couple newly in love and planning for their big day, will help us to discover the unbelievable bargains that can be found at your local Goodwill and that could just be the perfect look for you. Let’s begin with the proposal which is how every good love story should begin. John sets the evening up right with a romantic dinner outside on a beautiful Spring evening. With champagne and a romantic proposal on bended knee, he asks the question, “will you marry me?” Peony, wearing a strapless sapphire blue cocktail dress and strappy silver sandals, is appropriately surprised and elated and their new adventure begins.

Now, Peony is all about finding just the right dress but as a young couple just starting out in their careers, an expensive designer gown is really out of the question. Luckily, Peony has a friend that is a dedicated shopper at Goodwill’s Mason boutique. She learns from her friend that during wedding season, May and June, that the Goodwill boutique offers a startling collection of bridal and formal gowns that could be just the ticket- and some of which have never been worn before. Peony and her friend, Kate decide to start out at the Mason boutique and see what they can find. With the wonderful assistance of the retail sales team at the Goodwill boutique, soon Peony is trying on dress after dress, one more glamorous than the next. Her friend, Kate, starts taking pictures so that they can look at them later and see which looks the best. Kate gets into the action, too, trying on one or two just for the fun of it. Gowns with gorgeous trains, with intricate beading, with flattering skirts and lovely satin fabrics are all tried on and modeled while Peony tries to make a decision  as to which dress will be just the perfect look. Being somewhat of a “fashionista,” Peony decides to try on other dresses that are more formal than bridal but still unbelievably fun…and who knows, she’s a bit of non-traditionalist so the dress may not ultimately end up being white.

Peony and Kate get so caught up in the fun of the search that they decide they have to invite John to be part of the action. Receiving a text from his new fiancée that ends with a smiley face, John hurries right over to the Mason Boutique to join in the action. He finds a suit, a selection of shirts and a few ties that could help make him look every bit the part, just like his bride-to-be, Peony. “I guess I never thought of Goodwill as a place to find the perfect wedding dress for you,” said John, “but you look amazing in these outfits…” The posing and picture taking continue and Peony finally selects a gown she loves with lots of input from Kate and John. Now, they can move forward with all their plans for the big day. Visit our Pinterest page at www.pinterest.com/cincigoodwill to see their shopping adventure, outfit by outfit, picture by picture. Stay tuned as John and Peony continue their quest at other Goodwill locations. Who knows- they may have discovered something that could help all young couples who are trying to stay within a budget and stay true to their environmental convictions as well… check out your local Goodwill and see what you can find. For directions to our Mason boutique and a list of all Goodwill store locations, visit www.goodwillbargains.com.

Happy Wedding Season from Ohio Valley Goodwill and Congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples out there.