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3 Amazing Ways You Can Make a Difference Through Goodwill

Uplifting others and making a difference in the world around you is a powerful thing. Doing good makes us feel good, so if you’re looking to make a positive impact, Goodwill can help. In fact, making a difference is Goodwill’s mission – opening doors to work and learning opportunities every day!

Here are three amazing ways you can make a difference through Goodwill:

#1: Donate to Goodwill

Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill
Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill

When you give to Goodwill, the revenue generated by your donation is used to fund many services that help people become fully included within their communities. Ohio Valley Goodwill provides valuable skills training to individuals with disabilities and places hundreds of people in jobs that change their lives. Your donations of gently-used clothing, accessories, and other household items also enable Goodwill to help our nation’s veterans connect with housing, education, and work opportunities.

#2: Shop at Goodwill

young boy and man shopping from a clothing rack
Shop at Goodwill!

It may seem simple, but shopping at Goodwill is yet another way you can give back! Similar to donating, shopping at Goodwill thrift stores helps to fund the Goodwill mission. But the benefits of shopping at Goodwill go much further. When you thrift items, you give them a new life and keep them from ending up in local landfills. Goodwill’s stores in North America keep billions of pounds of goods from landfills every year. That’s a very good thing! Your choice to purchase a previously-loved item from Goodwill instead of buying brand new makes a difference for our planet and supports Goodwill’s mission at the same time.

#3: Share Your Goodwill Story

It doesn’t get any better than this — with this tip, you can help change lives without even getting off the couch! Believe it or not, just sharing your Goodwill story with your friends can support those in need. When you post your Goodwill store finds on social media or share your donation story, you’re encouraging others to support the Goodwill mission, too. It seems like a small act, but it makes a big difference — so share away and be sure to tag @CinciGoodwill when you do!

These three tips don’t take much effort, but they help Ohio Valley Goodwill continue to provide the vocational programs and services necessary to make a difference in the lives of people in need. When you support Goodwill’s mission, you’re making a lasting difference! Check out your closest Goodwill location, and get started today.