Trevor Ives

Trevor was a high school student focused on what he was going to do following graduation from high school in terms of getting his first job. Trevor needed assistance in the process, finding his strengths and to help build confidence and learn more about his community and what his options were.

Trevor chose to participate in Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Summer Youth Service last year to help in exploring his options and the results were fantastic. Trevor learned that he enjoyed working in stocking, customer service, retail, and the ability to work at his own pace.  With this information, and new found confidence, Trevor was referred to find a job with Goodwill the following year. Trevor easily landed a job working for Target as a temporary employee but now is working a solid four days a week as a part time Stocker. He is very excited to have found a great job and tells his coach weekly about how happy he is at work.

Trevor’s success in Summer Youth helped open doors he never thought would be possible. Now Trevor successfully attends school part time and works at Target. Trevor works well with his Job Coach Jennifer Williams and thanks her weekly for helping him land a job that allows for a supportive schedule. He can usually be found in the toy aisle, assisting customer and guests with all their questions. This is especially true during this busy holiday season.

Trevor has gained confidence in himself and now knows a little bit more about his future goals. He was unsure of work before starting services but now enjoys coming to work and seeing his follow along coach.

“I guess it’s just coming in and working really hard knowing that people can see my hard work and sometimes appreciate it. Stocking the shelf and making it look nice, then seeing it messed up again is difficult at times, but there is a lot of happy people who get what they want and thank me often for showing them things. This makes it work.  I have something to do on my down time now and I also really like getting a pay check!!”

*The picture shown is Trevor preparing the store for Black Friday. Still all smiles in spite of the coming Shopping Storm!!!

Happy Holidays from Goodwill and Trevor at Target.