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Top Fashion Trends This Spring Season

Everyone wants to be in style—but not everyone wants to spend a ton just to sport the latest look. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we have the solution: high fashion, at even better prices! We combed the “runways” this season to pinpoint the up-and-coming trends for the entire family so you can shop our stores and be spot-on this spring season. 

For Women

What’s old is new and several “retro” styles showed up in February at this year’s Fashion Week. Here are some of the top trends to look for when thrift shopping at Goodwill:

Sets – The eclectic and boho looks have been hot for several years, but now more conservative and classy sets and even women’s suits are becoming popular.

Mannequin dressed in blue blouse with snake skin pencil skirt

Blue blouse with snake skin pencil skirt

Animal prints­­ – If you don’t still have that snakeskin purse, it’s likely your closest Goodwill store does, as well as cheetah, leopard and other animal prints in clothes and accessories.

Wrap dresses and coats – This style flatters every size and shape. The wrap silhouette can be fitted or boxy so it has virtually limitless appeal.





For Men

Your local Goodwill store will be a mecca for these hot threads, as reported by the 2019 Pinterest trend report:

Men's button down shirts at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Men’s buttondown shirts

Light-colored denim — In the past several years, dark denim was all the rage. This year, the fresh, casual style of light denim is back. Look for light-wash jeans and jean jackets to stay on trend this spring.

Selection of men's watches from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Men’s watches from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Vintage watches — Who wears a watch these days? You do if you want to follow this latest craze. Your local Ohio Valley Goodwill store is sure to be stock-piled with an impressive selection of vintage-inspired timepieces.

Mismatched prints — Take one cool print, mix it with another, and, voila, you’re done! Wearing mismatched prints is a quirky and fun way to express your style in the warmer weather.



For Teens

Your teens will appreciate these finds that will be showing up everywhere this spring.

Color of the year— As selected by Pantone this year’s Color of the Year is “Living Coral”. Brighter than peach, paler than orange, it will be found in just about anything a teen would want to be seen in.

The nerdy look—Teens can don big round sunglasses, jeans a bit too short, and white socks and black sneakers and they’ll fit right in.

Model wearing black backpack from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Black Backpack from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Minimalist backpacks—Gen Z’s are all about living with less and they want to travel light, too. Retro bags, smaller and without a lot of bells and whistles, are what’s in.








For kids

Just like grown-ups, kids want to be fashionable and show their individuality.

Display of backpacks and tennis shoes on floor

Kids’ bags and sneakers from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Kids go crazy—Abstract patterns, wild color combinations, geometrics, mixed and match are what kids are into these days.

3 Pairs of Girls' size denim jeans from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Girls’ jeans from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Denim is always in—Kids and denim go together like peanut butter and jelly and 2019 is no exception. This year’s trend is denim in non-traditional clothing, too, like shoes and backpacks.

The extras—Designers are pulling out all the stops with feathers, beads, fringe, embroidery, sparkly or metallic things founds on tops, pants, shoes and accessories.

Where can you find what’s happening right now? Think your Ohio Valley Goodwill store. You’ll be rocking the latest trends and saving big money. Plus, the dollars you spend at Goodwill help support our mission to change lives through the power of work. By shopping at Ohio Valley Goodwill, you’re creating jobs and changing lives. It’s a win-win for you and your community – happy shopping!