Top 5 Things to Donate This Spring

Spring is all about the joy of new beginnings. The changing seasons can be a beautiful reminder that it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf and change our lives for the better. Spring can also be the perfect time to help others in your community get a fresh start too!

When you give your gently-used clothing and household items to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you help job seekers in your community experience a “new beginning” in their careers through job training and employment services. All you have to do is donate, and you’re helping to change lives through the power of work!

White box with clothing inside and 'donations' written on front

Donations box

To give you some donation inspiration, here are some of the top things to donate to Goodwill this spring:









2 child mannequins in coats from Goodwill

Kids’ coats and jackets from Goodwill

Donate winter coats

Warmer weather is here, so go ahead and shed those winter coats! While you’re at it, look through your closets for any jackets and outerwear you don’t want or need anymore and add them to your donation pile. Goodwill gladly accepts coats at any time of year!

Donate last year’s clothing

The past year threw us all a curveball, so it’s understandable if you have outfits in your closet that you no longer want or need—even if you barely had a chance to wear them! Remember that it’s natural for our bodies to change year to year, which can make our clothes fit differently.

clothing rack at Goodwill store in Florence

Clothing Rack at Goodwill

Luckily, you don’t have to let your perfectly good clothes go to waste. You can give them a new life by donating them to Goodwill! Someone else is sure to love your gently-used (or even new-with-tags) clothes, and you can make room in your closet for pieces that fit you and your style.






Child and Adult-sized Mannequins dressed in Bee Halloween Costumes from Goodwill

Bee Halloween Costumes from Goodwill

Donate Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes can hold a lot of memories, which is why many families keep old costumes in storage. But if you’re not going to use a costume again, it’s only taking up space! By donating your family’s old costumes to Goodwill, you can help other families in your community have the opportunity to dress up for Halloween. Goodwill accepts Halloween costumes any time of the year, so it’s always a good time to clean out your collection.

Donate home décor

Goodwill is well-known for accepting clothing donations, but you can also donate other items from around your home. Spring is a perfect opportunity to give your interior design a refresh and donate any home décor you no longer want. Everything from wall art to books, mirrors, frames, and glassware can be donated to Goodwill!

Frames and Artwork from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Home Decor!

2004 Tan Ford Taurus Donated Car to Goodwill

Donate a car to Goodwill!

Donate your old car

Did you know Goodwill also accepts vehicle donations? If you have an old car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, riding lawn mower, or motorcycle sitting in your garage or driveway, you can donate it to Ohio Valley Goodwill! We accept vehicles in any condition, and you can even arrange a tow free of charge. Your vehicle will be resold at our weekly auto auction, and you’ll receive a receipt for your donation. Learn more about our car donation program and where you can donate a car in Cincinnati.

Spring into Action — Donate to Goodwill!

When you donate to Goodwill, you can get ready for spring and make a positive difference in your community at the same time! Your donations support job skills training and employment services for individuals with disabilities and veterans, giving them a chance to earn a paycheck and enjoy the independence and inclusion that comes with community employment. It’s always a good time to donate to Goodwill!

Donation box with clothes

Get ready to donate to Goodwill!

Ready to donate to Ohio Valley Goodwill? Check out our list of items we can accept, and then find a donation site near you.