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"Team Goodwill Shines In 2009 Hope & Possibility Run!"

L to R: Vanita Reed, Sarah Davis (rear), Melinda Gabelman (front), Darlene O'Hair, Craig Franta (rear), Sharon Hannon and Stephanie Mitchell. L to R: Vanita Reed, Sarah Davis (rear) Melinda Gabelman (front), Darlene O’Hair Craig Franta (rear), Sharon Hannon Stephanie Mitchell. “Team Goodwill” was in outstanding form for the 2009 Hope & Possibility Run; a feature of the annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Sunny skies and warm temperatures inspired team members to post their best time ever in finishing the 3.2 mile event (1 hour and 11 minutes). The goal of the Hope & Possibility Run is to pair 2 person teams (athletes with and without a disability) in an integrated and inclusive community showcase. The 2009 “Team Goodwill” partners included: Stephanie Mitchell and Leslie McCurley, Craig Franta and Darlene O’Hair, Vanita Reed and Sarah Davis, and Melinda Gabelman and Sharon Hannon. This is the 3rd year that Ohio Valley Goodwill has been part of this prestigious event that brings all members of the Greater Cincinnati community together in a fun and memorable way. “It’s always so inspiring to see everyone crossing the finish line with big grins on their face,” said Sharon Hannon, Team Goodwill member and Goodwill Marketing Specialist.