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"Team Goodwill Sets New Record in Hope & Possibility Run!"

L to R Katie Wietsmarschen, Matt Graves, Leslie McCurley, Kristine Agoston, Claire McCurley (rear), Stephanie Mitchell, Darlene O’Hair, (rear), Craig Franta (rear), Melinda Gabelman, Garrett Halpin, and Ashley Baker. (Sharon Hannon not pictured).

“Team Goodwill” was in rare form for the 2010 Hope & Possibility Run held on Saturday, May 1st in downtown Cincinnati. Part of the Flying Pig Marathon, the annual event is a 5k specifically designed for teams of athletes with and without disabilities, racing together to achieve personal goals. This year’s Goodwill team was made up of 12 partner pairs including Katie Wietmarschen and Matt Graves; Sharon Hannon and Melinda Gabelman; Craig Franta and Darlene O’Hair; Kristina Agoston, Ashley Baker and Garrett Halpin; and Leslie McCurley with Claire and Stephanie Mitchell. The 2010 participants were representative of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Work Adjustment program, CARE program and Westwood satellite location.

Despite the threat of thunderstorms and rainy conditions, “Team Goodwill” was determined to complete the course in record-setting time. Team mates Matt Graves and Katie Wietsmarschen posted a time of 51 minutes to finish the 3.2 mile long course, which is a new record for the members of Goodwill’s team. Overall, ”Team Goodwill” finished the race in 1 hour and 18 minutes and felt wonderful crossing the finish line to receive their well-deserved medals.

“Team Goodwill has been involved with the Hope & Possibility Run since its inception 4 years ago,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist. “It is a wonderful event and really promotes the inclusion of athletes of all abilities in the “Flying Pig Marathon” showcase for Greater Cincinnati,” added Hannon.

Members of “Team Goodwill” happily posed for photos after the race and when asked what their favorite part was, several commented, “running across the finish line and getting our medals.” Ohio Valley Goodwill extends sincere congratulations to all of the members of “Team Goodwill 2010″ as well as many thanks to the families who supported the team’s efforts this year.