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"Team Goodwill in Training for 2012 Hope & Possibility Race!"

The 2012 members of “Team Goodwill” are excited about this year’s big race which will take place on Saturday, May 5th. The Hope & Possibility Race is a feature of the annual Flying Pig Marathon designed to pair athletes with and without disabilities in a unique community showcase. dsc02147medium.jpg
Team Goodwill Members from 2011 Hope & Possibility Race

The 2012 members of “Team Goodwill” include more than 30 representatives of the organization’s Work Adjustment, CARE, Recreation-Leisure, Job Coaching and Retail departments. The Goodwill team is composed of partners that train together to participate in the big race. The 3.2 mile, 5K race takes place in downtown Cincinnati and finishes with a post-race celebration at Sawyer Point. Ohio Valley Goodwill is a sponsor of the 2012 Celebration event and will provide goodies and give-aways to Race participants. Goodwill has had a team in the Hope & Possibility Race since its beginnings 6 years ago. “The Hope & Possibility Race is a wonderful community showcase for our athletes every year,” said Sharon Hannon, Marketing Specialist and Team Coordinator. Currently, members of “Team Goodwill” are in training for the upcoming event and are excited about the big Race. Stay tuned for Team in Training updates in the coming weeks  and watch for 2012 Race results on May 7th.