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"Team Goodwill Continues To Grow In Preparation for 2010 Thanksgiving Day Race!"

As the 2010 Thanksgiving Day Race gets closer, the enthusiasm for the event and Goodwill’s participation continues to grow. “Team Goodwill” is excited to announce that it has added another member, Vanessa Cornett, Lebanon Store Manager. In partnership with her other teammates, Ann Walters, Sales Mgr, Minerva Humita, Production Spvr, and Matt Fortner, Mt. Washington Store Mgr, the group is busily in training for the upcoming event. The runners are doing regular work-outs of 3 to 6 miles each depending on their experience and current stamina levels. One of the “Team Goodwill” members has already lost 16 pounds and attributes the achievement to involvement in the training effort.

“Goodwill is so excited to be the sponsor for the +ONE Challenge Donation Drive for the 2010 Thanksgiving Day Race,” said Ann Walters, team captain. “The +ONE Challenge encourages all 17,000 participants to bring just ONE donation to share the warmth of the holiday season,” added Walters. To register for the 2010 Thanksgiving Day Race, please visit www.thanksgivingdayrace.com. Join Goodwill in cheering on the members of “Team Goodwill” on November 25th and in supporting the +ONE Challenge Donation Drive. The warm gesture of giving to Goodwill is a healthy way to make ONE more meaningful impact on our community and to support the organization’s mission of helping people with disabilties and our nation’s veterans go to work in our community.