Teagan Stapleton-Summer Youth Success Story!

Teagan Stapleton

Teagan is the perfect example of a true summer youth success!

Prior to graduating from Taylor High School, Teagan chose to participate in Goodwill’s Summer Youth program – Career Exploration in 2016. She also participated in Goodwill’s Summer Youth program – Work Experience in 2017.

Following graduation this spring, Teagan and Goodwill’s Employment Services worked together to obtain employment at the McDonald’s in her local community almost immediately after school ended.

Teagan says that she feels participating in Goodwill’s summer youth services over the last couple summers helped prepare her to be a successful employee.

Teagan’s supervisor indicates that Teagan has been an excellent addition to their team.

Her Goodwill job coach, Barb Parker, feels the variety of work skills and experience that Teagan had through Goodwill’s Summer Youth services helped to open up such a great employment opportunity.

Teagan was originally hired as a lobby attendant with the responsibilities of stocking condiments, cleaning the lobby and greeting customers. Now Teagan has been trained on a variety of other tasks that make her a very valuable employee. Teagan now assists customers with using McDonald’s new ordering kiosk, makes salads, makes parfaits, works in the dish room and stocks the sandwich bar.

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Teagan Stapleton on her employment success and is so glad she chose to be part of the Summer Youth program as part of her transition journey.