Some Simple Ways to Teach Your Child to Become a Lifetime Giver

Donating to Goodwill is a great way to instill the values of recycling and giving with your children. But, it’s a natural thing…kids like their stuff. And kids want to keep their stuff (especially their toys!) Here are some effective ways to teach your children about the value of giving back and encourage them to want to donate their things to help others and the planet.

Books on a shelf

Read to them

Charitable giving can be hard for young children to understand. Introduce it to them with colorful illustrations and age-appropriate language. Here’s a list of a few good books to try.

Let them see you give

Much adult giving is “silent”. You mail checks or donate online and your children don’t even realize it. Studies show that children whose parents talk with them about giving are 20% more likely to be givers themselves. Tell your kids about the charities you support and explain why you do it. Chances are, if your child sees you donate, he or she will want start donating, too!

Get them involved

Allow your children to select which clothes and toys they want to donate. There’s much less impact if you do it for them. Then, be sure to take your kids with you when you drop the items off at your local Ohio Valley Goodwill donation center. Explain to them how Goodwill will use their donated toys, books, clothing, and other “stuff” to help others.

Be consistent

Recycling once a year on Earth Day is a great idea, but consistency is the key to building life-long habits. Make it a regular household activity to collect for recycling and donating. Help you child decorate designated donation boxes or bags for their room where they can regularly place any gently used items they no longer need or use. When the box is full, it’s time for another trip to Goodwill!

Make it fun

Play a game with your child to pick out ten toys from his or her room to donate to kids who need them. Kids love to help other kids! Or, let your children pick out a “new” item from the Goodwill retail store the next time they donate. If you have multiple children, make it a challenge to see who can offer up the most to donate.

Donating to Goodwill presents the perfect opportunity to teach your children about giving to charity and recycling their gently used clothing, shoes, toys, electronics, even pet supplies to Ohio Valley Goodwill. Now, Ohio Valley Goodwill is coming to your community to make it even easier for you to recycle responsiblyClick here to find out about our Community Recycle and Re-Use Donation Drive Services.