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3 Simple Swaps to Create a Bedroom Oasis

Temperatures are on the rise, and spring always seems to bring the desire for a breezy, fresh new look to our living spaces. It’s time to go from dark and dramatic to light and airy – and bedrooms are the perfect place to embrace a spa-like feeling. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a lot to invite in the Zen. Your nearest Cincinnati Goodwill store has everything you need!

Here are three easy swaps you can make to transform your bedroom into a peaceful oasis:

#1: Light and airy bedding

Winter calls for cozy blankets and comforters and maybe even flannel sheets, but the minute the sun starts shining and the birds start chirping, you won’t want to be bogged down with heavy bedding!

Pillow from Goodwill
Pillow from Goodwill

Shop at Goodwill for light-colored sheets, lightweight blankets, and even fabric you can transform into stylish pillowcases, all at affordable price points. Thrifting these items is so much cheaper than buying them brand new, and the amount you save will allow you to keep bedding specifically for spring and summer.

When it comes to styling your bed, consider a duvet cover over a bedspread. This will give you options to swap out the cover when you want a new look, and you can easily remove the cover to wash. White and cream-colored or even pastel bedding colors also give you the option to add a little bleach to the load for an added brightness boost!

#2: Colors are key

Next, look to your bedroom walls for a simple spring refresh. But before you choose a color scheme, why not use science to help you maximize rest and relaxation? Paint colors and the hues you choose for art on the wall actually do affect your mood, quality, and quantity of sleep.

Frames from Goodwill
Frames from Goodwill

According to one survey, people with blue bedrooms got a better night’s sleep than any other color! Think light, airy blues for walls and bedding. Green scored second highest in the same survey. If you want to create a restful environment, avoid vivid colors like red, purple, orange, and brown. Experts say those colors are a little too intense and will leave you feeling tired in the morning!

Once you’ve selected your spring-like color palette, go thrifting! Ohio Valley Goodwill is the perfect place to go for affordable wall art and posters — or you could pick up some picture frames to refill with art found elsewhere. You may even want to get crafty and make art to go in your thrifted frames!

#3: Plants for pure air

White Vase from Goodwill
White Vase from Goodwill

Now that your bedroom has the look of a calming cloud, there’s one more step you can take toward a relaxing, restful night’s sleep: Add a couple of plants! Studies by NASA have found that when you add houseplants to the bedroom, they produce additional oxygen that can help you get better sleep. If you have allergies, you may want to avoid flowering plants, but otherwise, there’s no better way to bring the outside in than to add a live plant!

When purchasing live (or faux) plants, keep in mind that most of the cost is in the container. By shopping at Goodwill in Cincinnati for thrifted pots and plant hangers, your new addition might only set you back a few bucks. You may even find some realistic-looking plastic or silk plants that liven up your living space without the responsibility of having a green thumb!

Create a Beautiful Bedroom for Less!

Goodwill's Logo
Goodwill’s Logo

With these easy, thrifty bedroom swaps, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own serene sanctuary in no time. Plus, you’ll rest even easier knowing that every time you shop at Goodwill in Cincinnati, you’re supporting vocational programs and services for job seekers with disabilities in your community and helping our planet at the same time! That’s right — every item you purchase from Ohio Valley Goodwill supports our mission to change lives through the power of work and keep reusable goods out of local landfills.   

Find a Cincinnati Goodwill store near you today so you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep tomorrow!