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One of our favorite fall pairings; Jeans and Cardigans

There are so many things about fall to get excited about, like a break from summer’s “heat.” The bright, bold colors of falling leaves and the classic combo of a great pair of jeans with a fantastic cardigan sweater.

Find your fall look when you shop any one of our Goodwill retail store locations and save a ton as you prepare your wardrobe for the colder days that lie ahead. Mix and match your favorite denim with various cardigans from ankle long, waist-high or hooded sweaters, buttons or zip-ups, and even wrapped cardigan styles. You’re sure to find something you’ll love at Goodwill.

And what gives an outfit from Goodwill, the edge over other retailers? It’s the essential fact of knowing your shopping dollars support the local community, plus moves us all towards a more sustainable planet. 

Look for our new store opening soon in Lawrencburg, Indiana.

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