Rapid Re-housing Projects

Goodwill HUD Housing Assistance funding can provide time limited rental assistance through one of two Rapid re-housing grants for those homeless individuals who meet HUD’s eligibility definition of homeless and who have obtained a valid homeless certification from the Greater Cincinnati and Hamilton county Continuum of Care.

The Rapid Re-housing Assistance Project’s primary purpose is to assist eligible individuals within Hamilton County to locate safe and affordable housing.

The following services are provided under the Rapid Re-housing project:

  • An assessment to determine the individual’s housing needs, preferences, and financial resources.
  • Individualized training sessions on such topics as money and time management, community living, health care, problem-solving, home maintenance, home safety and nutrition.
  • Assistance with identifying and contacting other needed community services.
  • Limited financial assistance with rent and utilities for eligible individuals.

If you would like additional information about Goodwill’s HUD funded homeless services, please feel free to contact the HUD program staff att 631-4500.